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    Mariah Carey’s got some brand-new bling. The singer—who got engaged to boyfriend James Packer in New York City last night—left New York City’s Eleven Madison with a massive new engagement ring. Another outlet bought the first engagement ring photos exclusively, so we can’t show you with pictures, but we’ve seen them, so we can tell you ALL about it.


    Mariah’s engagement ring from James Packer features a massive emerald cut diamond flanked by tapered baguettes. So, style-wise it looks like this:


    Emerald Cut Diamond Estate Ring from Lang Antiques.

    Size-wise, however, it’s a totally different ring. This center stone weighs in at 6.81 carats, but we’ve read reports that Mariah’s engagement ring from James Packer is as big as 35 carats. To put that in perspective, here’s Beyonce’s 18-carat emerald-cut diamond.


    Obviously we’ll keep an eye out for the actual photos.

    (And yes, we told you in November that Mariah and James’ engagement was SO happening.)

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    While there's no discernible reason for Ellie Goulding's recent wedding dress twirl, it doesn't make the moment any less magical. She's currently on-again with fellow musician Dougie Poynter, but don't think that means there's a popstar rock hiding somewhere. The Insta video puts any potential engagement rumors to rest quickly and swiftly, with a straight-forward comment: "Girl in wedding dress but not getting married alert."

    We appreciate the up-front honesty and the opportunity to appreciate a pretty wedding dress for nothing more than that. With the lightweight skirt and lacy, spaghetti-strap top, Ellie's pick would look perfect on a beach somewhere (and actually reminds us of some of the styles from BHLDN's beyond-pretty spring collection, also full of beachy options).

    Girl in wedding dress but not getting married alert

    A video posted by elliegoulding (@elliegoulding) on

    For more beautiful wedding dresses, come see everything from J.Crew's newest bridal range.

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    Many women wouldn't change a thing when it comes to the way their partners popped the question. But these four women had a different view of how this important moment would go down than how it actually did. Here, they reveal what they'd change about their partners' proposals if they could.


    "I wish he would have chosen a private location."
    When Alicia's husband Jon popped the question, it was in front of the boarding school principal who employed him. The couple wanted to live together and had approached the principal for permission, but he replied he wouldn't keep on a housemaster who was living in sin and gave the couple 30 days to tie the knot. So Jon turned to Alicia and casually said, "why not?" Looking back on it now, Alicia says, "I would have preferred a more private setting and a more romantic pledge before he popped the question! I imagined him going down on bended knee in private place, a la a classic 1950's Hollywood movie."

    "I wish he would have at least paid the bill."
    Erin and her now-husband were in the habit of alternating who paid for their date nights out, even when they lived together. "We maintained separate finances," she explains. And on the night her husband popped the question, it was her turn to pay. "Right after I got my receipt back from our waitress, he looked into my eyes, took my hand, and proposed," she describes. It didn't bother Erin that her now-husband didn't have a ring. "The only thing I wish he had done differently was be spontaneous and pay the bill," she says. "It would have felt a little more romantic."

    See More:5 Women Reveal Their Dream Proposals

    "I wish he would have been more formal."
    Joan's boyfriend popped the question on an evening drive so casually, she says, she wasn't sure he actually meant it. "He interrupted a conversation to say, 'so when can we get married?'" she recalls now. "Nobody likes to be interrupted. And when I think back, it actually sounded like he didn't really mean it." While he didn't pull out a ring, that part didn't bother Joan. What still irks her today is the fact that, "we were in New York traffic, he wasn't looking me in the eye, and the question wasn't prefaced by anything — no, 'I love you,' no, 'you mean so much to me' — just 'when,' as if he'd already proposed and been accepted." Adding insult to injury, Joan's then-boyfriend didn't pull over when she accepted so that they could share in a smooch or otherwise celebrate. "It's not that I wanted the whole jumbo-tron deal," she explains, "but I wanted to feel a part of it by eye contact, hand-holding, and a kiss."

    "I wish he would have come up with it on his own."
    Katie is quite pleased with how her husband, Dave, proposed — but that's because she came up with everything but the words he used to pop the question, she says. "My husband admitted he wanted to proposed, but had no clue how to make it special. He's not the most romantic guy," Katie explains. "So I told him I wanted my friends and family there to see it, and I gave him some suggestions on when he might do it." He popped the question during his birthday party, held at the couple's apartment with their friends and family present. "It was just what I wanted," Katie explains, "but that was it. He didn't do anything on his own. If I could change it, I'd want him to plan it himself — or at least plan something himself — so it felt more special."

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    We have pictures of Mariah Carey’s engagement ring from James Packer, but you might want to put on sunglasses before you peek, because it’s positively enormous. (If you missed the news, Mariah and James were engaged in New York City last night!)


    Weighing in at a whopping 35 carats (that’s two carats more than Elizabeth Taylor’s Krupp Diamond—see that here) Mariah’s engagement ring was designed by her friend Wilfredo Rosado, who called it “the most challenging piece of jewelry I’ve ever designed.”

    Here’s a close-up:


    Rosado told Vogue: James “wanted to create something very rare and very beautiful around this diamond he chose, and I followed his lead.” As we said earlier, the super-size emerald center stone is flanked by tapered baguettes.

    And a side view:


    Stunning. Just stunning.

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    Shopping for an engagement ring should make a girl feel oh so special. So if you’ve lost your sparkle because you’re overwhelmed with solitaires that look the same, check out this eclectic selection from Twist. Browse rings you haven’t seen before in styles ranging from sweet to punk, vintage to ultramodern — and with price tags from modest to millionaire.

    Fancy Diamond Band, $8,750

    Smoky Quartz and Black Diamond Ring, $800

    Large Indonesian Hat Band with Diamonds, $6,702

    Rustic Diamond Ring, $3,500

    Shard Split Halo Ring with Long Diamond Baguettes, $8,600

    Rustic Diamond Nirvana Ring, $12,250

    Diamond Gravity Open Ring, $1,380

    Rustic Diamond Leafside Ring, $4,360

    Natural Diamond Slice Ziggurat Shield Ring, $7,392

    Diamond Slice Solitaire, $4,800

    Double Three Leaf Band, $3,980

    Rustic Diamond Poet's Ring, $6,820

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    You may think you’ve heard it all when it comes to wedding planning. But while everyone from your mother to your hairstylist is busy babbling on and on and on about what to expect on your big day, they’re unintentionally leaving out a few crucial details. So from the reality of post-wedding blues to the dangers of being too nice a bride, eight real women are here to share what they wish they had been told about their big days—so that you can benefit their candor, of course.


    1. There’s such as thing as being too nice a bride. Says real bride Danielle, “Everyone hears about bridezilla, but what you don't hear about are the brides who get everything taken away from them because they're too nice. I was way too nice about my bridesmaids getting things done—and boy did it cause a lot of stress. My advice? Be firm with dates and express your concern if someone is slacking.”

    2. You'll be pressured by others’ expectations. Real bride Jordon says, “Nobody told me how many ‘rules’ there are in the wedding industry. They tell you to create something that matches exactly what you want as a couple, but once you start to do the research, you learn how many expectations there are. For example, I can't tell you how many people think it's outrageous that we may not register, or that we're not interested in a bouquet throw.”

    3. Someone will cancel last minute. Says real bride Veronica, “Someone will have a conflict and have to cancel a week—or less—before the big day. Yes, it sucks and is super annoying because your seating arrangements are finalized, but no one will notice if their table is missing two people. There's no point giving yourself a bigger headache of rearranging seating at this point—just let it go!”

    4. It’s all worth it in the end. Real bride Sara says, “The one thing that no one told me was how much the stress, time, and money would all be worth it in the end. All I heard were negative points—and while those feelings of stress and pressure can't be escaped, there were so many good things that far overshadowed the bad.”

    5. You won’t regret having a wedding video. Says real bride Melissa, “No one ever told me that one of the best purchases we could make was hiring a videographer. Of all the things we 'splurged' on, our videographer was my absolute favorite. There are a lot of things—in hindsight—that we could've gone without, but our videographer was the best investment because we have those memories to keep for a lifetime.”

    6. Post-wedding blues are real. Real bride Anne says, “You’ve probably heard about post-wedding blues and completely brushed them off. I wish someone would have told me to take them seriously—because trust me, post-wedding blues are real. After all that excitement, the weeks after your wedding can feel like a let-down.”

    7. Your groom will care about something you’ll least expect. Says real bride Cassie, “Everyone sets your expectations really low when it comes to your groom and how much he’ll participate in wedding planning. But what they don’t tell you is that he will care about something—and it’ll probably be the last thing you expect. For example, my now-husband was adamant we have a fondant cake. Who knew?”

    8. Don’t expect to actually eat at your wedding. Real bride Jen says, “You won’t eat much of the food you painstakingly picked out. Between your guests—who will constantly want to gab—posing for pictures, and slicing into your cake, you’ll be lucky to get a few measly bites. I wish someone would have told me to eat well through the day—or to ask our caterer to serve us a little sooner.”

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    Valentine's Daygifts are tricky. If you (and your wallet) are still burned out on shopping after the holidays, you might just be tempted to hand your guy a certificate for a bacon of the month club and be done with. {Hey, he’d be happy. } But if you’d rather hunt down something more memorable, here are 10 thoughtful Valentine’s Day ideas. (They’d also be great for a wedding day gift for your groom: long-lasting reminders of the day you became man and wife.)

    Show your favorite fan/fanatic you understand his first love will always be the Yankees (or the Dodgers, Cubs, Tigers…).

    Ballpark Blueprints, $185,

    Create custom wall art with framed, upcycled vinyl that spells out your greatest hits as a couple on a retro-look label.

    Permanent Playlist, $150,

    A next-level tool for the whiskey lover, this personalized oak barrel is a reminder that certain things improve with age.

    Personalized Whiskey Barrel, from $85,

    The engravable watch is the classic groom gift for good reason: he’ll wear it (and your words) always.

    Museum Classic, $495,

    Commemorate when your paths first intersected with a personalized black-and-white print.

    Intersection of Love Photo Print, from $75,

    He’ll love spinning everything from Etta James to Michael Jackson on this trunk-style turntable, and geek out over the built-in technology that converts albums to digital files.

    Vintage Trunk Digital Conversion Turntable, $249,

    You choose the faces, hairstyles, and clothes that best illustrate you and your hubby-to-be for this minimal and modern custom canvas.

    Personalized Couple Art, $150,

    For all your romantic weekends ahead, gift him with a duffle in chocolate leather emblazoned with his initials.

    Saddle Leather Weekender Bag, $299,

    A bike built for two, decked out with a bow, is a promise of adventures to come.

    Kuala Lua Tandem Bike, $212.39,

    Maybe the best gift of all: a handwritten declaration of your love.

    What Bae Means Card, $4.50,

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    Mark Ballas knows how to pick ’em: The Dancing With the Starsproposed to longtime love (and bandmate) BJ Jean at the end of last year—here’s the full story. The two took to Sundance earlier this week, and of course all eyes were on BC’s left hand.

    Here’s the newly engaged duo being silly at Sundance:


    And here’s a closer look at her engagement ring:


    BC also took to Instagram earlier this week to share this: “Guess the cat’s out of the bag... We are getting married!!! I am surprised we were able to keep it hush hush for as long as we did, but I am thankful for the privacy we had to celebrate the exciting news over the holidays with our close friends and family. But now the secrets out and we are very happy to announce our engagement to the world! My love @markballas took my breath away and really out did himself when he asked me to spend forever with him on November 25th 2015. I can't wait to marry the King of my Heart & best friend and continue our journey of forever with love, music, and adventures. #BCBallas”

    Here’s the pic:

    A photo posted by BC Jean (@bcjean) on

    Looks like an oval-shaped diamond, maybe 2.5 to 3 carats, with round side stones and more diamonds on the band. Super pretty.

    The couple’s engagement news, of course, comes in the wake of Julianne Hough’s summer engagement, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd’s engagement in December, and fellow dance pro Witney Carson’s January wedding.

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    You might not be feeling fresh and floral right now—it is the dead of winter, after all—but spring and summer brides, these flower-covered dresses, all bridesmaid-worthy, should get you you in a balmier state of mind.

    And yes, florals for springtime are hardly groundbreaking. But they are lovely for a warm-weather wedding—especially a garden wedding—even Miranda Priestly can’t deny that.

    Plus, the nipped-waist full-skirted silhouettes on the ModCloth dresses—the first eight below—will be flattering on many shapes, and most can be worn with a bra. (Bonus!) And if all that isn’t a selling point for your bridesmaids, the price tags should be: Four ring up at less than $100.

    If you’re lukewarm on the ’50s party dress silhouette, scroll further for picks from other stores. Floral bridesmaid dresses with cutouts, mesh insets, and super-structured silhouettes offer on-trend updates for the springtime favorite. See? Groundbreaking.


    Chi Chi London in the Stunning Dress, $129.99.


    Wonder for the Record Books Dress in Magenta, $159.99


    Executive Branches Dress in Ivory, $79.99.


    The Twirl We Live in Dress, $139.99.


    Chi Chi London Flourish Your Desires Dress, $129.99.


    Romance Ready Dress, $89.99.


    Girl Meets Twirl Dress, $69.99.


    Chi Chi London English Garden Getaway Dress, $129.99.


    Mesh Fit-and-Flare Midi Dress in Dark Floral Print from ASOS
    , $52.


    Forever Unique Sweetheart Maxi Dress With Cold Shoulder from ASOS, $428.


    True Violet Premium Structured Maxidress With Floral Ombre Print from ASOS, $119.


    Blurred Floral Asymmetric Body-Conscious Dress from ASOS Premium, $38.


    Floral Mesh Insert Fit-and-Flare Pinny Minidress from ASOS, $29


    Alana Dress from BHLDN, $260.


    Style 1493 from Allure.


    Style 1496 from Allure.


    Strapless Floral-Print Dress from Camille La Vie, $169.99.

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    From Kate Middleton’s dramatic sapphire to Elizabeth Taylor’s 33-carat diamond, some engagement rings are unforgettable. Brit jeweler George Pragnell recently rounded up the world’s most unforgettable engagement rings, and commissioned gorgeous sketches of the famed jewels. Here’s everything (and more) that you’ve ever wanted to know about the most iconic engagement rings in the world.

    THE COUPLE Philip and Elizabeth met when Elizabeth was just 13 years old.


    Princess Elizabeth and her fiance, Philip Mountbatten, at Buckingham Palace, after their engagement was announced, July 10, 1947.

    THE PROPOSAL Philip proposed in the summer of 1946 during a walk around Elizabeth’s family estate in Balmoral. Elizabeth accepted on the spot, without consulting her parents, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. The king later consented on the condition that they keep their engagement a secret until after Elizabeth’s 21st birthday the following year.

    THE RING Philip commissioned jeweler Philip Antrous and was personally involved in the design of the ring; the diamonds were taken from a tiara the belonged to his mother. Diamonds from the same tiara were also used to make Philip’s wedding present for his bride, a diamond and platinum bracelet. Today’s estimated value: $143,530 (100,000 pounds)

    THE WEDDING The two were married November 20, 1947, at Westminster Abbey in London. Two thousand guests were invited to the wedding, and 200 million people around the world listened to a radio broadcast of the ceremony.

    THE COUPLE The pair were introduced by Gregory Peck at a film party in London in December 1953. They would go on to costar in the Broadway production of Ondine together.


    Audrey Hepburn and husband Mel Ferrer at a Hollywood event in 1956.

    THE PROPOSAL Mel proposed in August 1954 a garden overlooking Lake Lucerne in Switzerland.

    THE RINGS The trio of bands, in three different colors of gold, was meant to be mixed and matched, but more often than not, Audrey wore them together. Today’s estimated value: $10,047 (7,000 pounds)

    THE WEDDING They said “I do” on September 24, 1954, in private civil ceremony attended by close friends and family.

    THE COUPLE The pair met at a Washington, D.C., dinner hosted by mutual friends in May 1951.


    Senator John F. Kennedy and fiancee Jacqueline Bouvier being interviewed for a Life story while on vacation at the Kennedy compound in June 1953 in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.

    THE PROPOSAL The circumstances of the engagement are disputed: Some say the proposal happened over the phone, others claim it happened at a Georgetown tavern, and still others believe it happened at a Boston hotel.

    THE RING John’s father, Joseph, helped him pick out the ring. It originally featured tapered baguette side stones, which were replaced with marquise- and round brilliant-cut diamonds after the wedding. Today’s estimated value: $1,386,499 (966,000 pounds)

    THE WEDDING The two were married at St. Mary’s Church in Newport, Rhode Island. The reception was held at Hammersmith Farm, Jackie’s stepfather’s waterside estate.

    THE COUPLE The actress met her real-life prince a photo session at the Cannes Film Festival in May 1955.


    Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier at a banquet after announcing their engagement.

    THE PROPOSAL The two started corresponding after their first meeting and met up over the Christmas holidays that year. After just three days, the prince proposed.

    THE RING The famed engagement ring, which is said to have never left Grace’s finger, is actually an upgrade ring: The prince originally proposed with a more modest ring, but picked something extraordinary when he realized other actresses were wearing larger diamonds. Today’s estimated value: $4,305,900 (3,000,000 pounds)

    THE WEDDING The two-day “wedding of the century” was hosted April 18 and 19, 1956. A civil ceremony in the Palace of Monaco was followed by a Catholic Mass in a cathedral the day after.

    THE COUPLE The actors met in 1963 on the set of Cleopatra.


    Elizabeth and Richard shared their first kiss on set—and it lasted even after the director said “cut.”

    THE PROPOSAL Richard proposed on the couple’s yacht while it was moored on London’s River Thames.

    THE RING Formerly known as the Krupp Diamond, the 33-carat stone was later renamed the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond. Today’s estimated value: $8,181,210 (5,700,000 pounds)

    THE WEDDING The duo was joined by only nine people when they swapped vows in Montreal on March 15, 1964. The couple would go on to divorce only to marry and divorce again.

    THE COUPLE Prince William reportedly first saw his future wife when she walked the runway at a charity fashion show at St. Andrews University in Scotland, where they were both students.


    Prince William and Kate Middleton appear at a photo call in London’s St. James Palace to mark their engagement

    THE PROPOSAL Williams asked Kate’s father’s permission before proposing on November 16, 2010, on private holiday in Kenya.

    THE RING Prince Charles presented Diana with a selection of rings after his proposal. She hand-picked the now-iconic blue sapphire ring. When Kate and William’s engagement was announced, Prince William said the ring was “my way of making sure my mother didn’t miss out.” Today’s estimated value: $430,590 (300,000 pounds)

    THE WEDDING Broadcast on television, online, and radio in more than 180 countries around the world, the wedding took place at Westminster Abbey in London on April 29, 2011.

    For more on love and marriage, watch First Comes Love, Then Comes...Marriage?

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    Almost a year into her engagement, Lady Gaga might be ready to start planning a wedding—and she reportedly has her sights set on Italy. (Gaga and longtime love Taylor Kinney shared their engagement news just after Valentine’s Day last year.)

    “She wants to celebrate her heritage, so they’re looking at places in the Italian countryside. She wants a big Italian wedding,” a source “close to the singer” told Page Six. The source said the singer and the Chicago Fire star are in no rush to head down the aisle, and they have yet to settle on a wedding date or venue.


    “They’re still enjoying their engagement, so they have to figure out the right time to do it. They’re not fully planning yet,” said the insider. “The venue is going to inspire the dress, so she has to lock that in first. It’ll make her figure out what the dress will be and who will make it.”

    Gaga herself has said that her wedding dress won’t be a high-fashion statement piece. (Sorry, meat-dress makers.) “It will be totally for Taylor,” Gaga told WWD of her wedding dress plans and her groom. “It’s all about my man. I haven’t really thought about anything specific yet, but whatever it is, it will be totally for him.”

    Gaga’s go-to designers—including Alaia, Versace, Balenciaga—are likely falling over one another to stitch her a couture gown, but there’s certainly a chance she’ll look to a traditional bridal designer for her wedding dress—especially considering that Taylor’s taste seems to tend more toward traditional. (Here’s one wedding dress she for-sure won’t be wearing though.)

    Watch Lady Gaga Reveal What Makes Her Feel Beautiful

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    Even in newlywed bliss, you and your new spouse are bound to bicker. So here, our experts reveal the four top fights you're most likely to have—and of course, how to fix them.


    Fight: How to spend your money.
    Pooling your finances has its benefits. But once you do, you may find you and your new spouse squabble over everything from who pays the bills to how many discretionary dollars you should each get to spend.

    Solution: Money talks.
    According to Toni Coleman, psychotherapist and relationship coach, "Money is the number one issue couples that causes arguments." In part, it can be due to different upbringings and values as well as how much money you each bring to the table. But, you can stop bickering over bucks by getting on the same financial page and discussing in-depth your thoughts on spending, saving, and investing. "Fully disclose and review all of your joint income, expenses, debt, savings, and more," says Coleman, then create a budget to which you can both abide and tweak as necessary. "This way, there are no surprises, each person knows the financial picture, and each has a stake in how finances are handled."

    Fight: Intrusive in-laws.
    Your mother-in-law doesn't have to come over unannounced or catch you making love to make it feel as if she's always around. If one of you feels suffocated by the other's family, fights can erupt.

    Solution: Set boundaries from the start.
    Says Malibu-based marriage therapist Alisa Ruby Bash, "In-laws can always be an ongoing problem in a relationship." So nip any nit-picking in the bud by setting boundaries about when and where your in-laws are welcome, and then express and enforce those boundaries moving forward. "It is essential to set clear boundaries regarding our in-laws," Bash says. "The whole first year of marriage is about releasing that our first priority and commitment is to our spouse, and no longer our family of origin."

    See More:4 Mistakes Every Newlywed Couple Makes

    Fight: Who will do the chores.
    Doing the dishes never bothered you. That is, until you realized your new spouse doesn't even know where the sponge is. When one person doesn't do their share of the laundry and cleaning, the other is bound to feel resentful.

    Solution: Divide and conquer equitably.
    Your division of labor may never be equal, warns Coleman, but it should be equitable. "Each person should be making a contribution, depending on their work schedule and other responsibilities," she explains. Hit pause on your chores wars to come up with the list of all the things that need done around the house, then assign tasks based on your schedules and even likes or dislikes. "He might love to cook and have the schedule to do it, while you might hate cooking but be fine with doing the dishes afterwards," Coleman illustrates. Stick to your new agreement, she says, "or it will grow into a larger issue that can lead to a lot of resentment."

    Fight: How to spend your free time.
    You may crave nothing more than a bubble bath and a good book at the end of a long day. But, you can't catch up on your R&R when your new spouse feels all your free time should be spent together. A lack of understanding about how you want and need to spend you time can lead to some serious spats.

    Solution: Understand one another's different needs.
    Each of you should have time that is just yours to do with what you want. "You can come up with a certain amount of hours, evenings, or slots on the weekend when each of you can pursue individual interests and time with friends or family," she says. Schedule a flexible date night you can share together, where you go out or stay in to pursue interests you both enjoy. And make time to go out together with your family and friends. "Taking turns going out with his friends, her friends, as well as his or her family is also a good approach," Coleman says.

    See More:
    Important Relationship Advice From Real Married Men and Women
    5 Reasons You're Not Having an Orgasm (and How to Make It More Likely)

    For more from our friends at Brides:

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    Wedding planning is always stressful—and if you’re engaged in October and married on New Year’s, like Dancing With the StarsWitney Carson and longtime love Carson McAllister, that stress could be enough to make your eyes pop out of your head. But it doesn’t have to be a miserable three months. Here, Witney tells us how she pulled off her dream wedding in less than three months. (Also below: never-before-seen wedding and honeymoon photos that Witney and Carson shared exclusively with us.)


    1. Hire a wedding planner if it’s in your budget. And don’t forget to lean on your mom (“The most important!” says Witney) if she’s offering to help out.


    2. Plan, plan, plan, and stay involved. Even if you hire a planner, it’s up to you to show up to every meeting—cake maker, catering, and florist appointments—“ready with ideas,” says Witney.


    3. Don’t wait until you’re engaged to start thinking about your wedding.“I knew exactly what I wanted,” says Witney, “so that made things easier—and faster.”


    4. “Get creative!” Expensive doesn’t always mean better. Witney and Carson picked bell-shaped cookies as their wedding favors. The cookies were decorated with their initials and included a note that read “Thanks for ringing in the New Year with us.” Easy—and inexpensive.


    5. Do your research.“There are a ton of ways to make your wedding beautiful on a budget,” says Witney, who relied on Pinterest and wedding magazines for inspiration.


    6. Hire vendors who are used to pulling off weddings quickly.“Planning a wedding isn’t the easiest,” says Witney, “but with the right people it can be easier.”


    7. Pick vendors based on personality, too.“Have great people surround you,” says Witney. If you’re getting rude vibes from a hair stylist or caterer, remember: No matter how good they are at their jobs, you don’t want to be around someone else’s bad energy on your wedding day. Same goes for stressed-out family members. (That doesn’t mean you can un-vite a high-strung future-mother-in-law. But you can ask a bridesmaid to help keep any negative-vibe-y people out of your immediate space.)


    8. “Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.” If you want things done your way, be open to doing them yourself, says Witney. (She did!)


    9. Remember you don’t necessarily need a DJ. Witney and Carson saved money by making a wedding playlist instead. If you go the iPod route keep two things in mind: (1) Make sure your venue is set up with the proper sound equipment. (Most important: the cord to connect your iPod!) (2) Designate someone ahead of time to gather guests around for the father-daughter dance, the first dance, and the cake-cutting.


    10. Take time to enjoy the process.“Even though my wedding planning went by quickly, I still enjoyed every minute,” says Witney.


    For more Witney, go behind the scenes at the 10th anniversary Dancing With the Stars party:

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    Last night's SAG Awards red carpet gave us plenty of stunning gowns to fawn over (and 21 flat-out favorites), including one dress that had us humming "Here Comes the Bride."


    Turns out that E! News correspondent Zuri Hall took to the event in a floor-sweeping Hayley Paige confection from the designer's bridal line, which featured allover iridescent beading and a plunging neckline. And you better believe that the back of this gown, as Zuri demonstrated on the carpet, is just as breathtaking as the front.


    Wearing wedding dresses on the red carpet isn't a new phenomenon either; actress Laverne Cox wore a Johanna Johnson bridal number to last year's SAGs, while Kristen Wiigwore an off-the-shoulder Delphine Manivet wedding gown to the 2014 Golden Globes. Kate Hudson may very well have started the trend in 2010, when she wore a dramatic snow-white Marchesa bridal number to the Golden Globes.

    More from

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    When you're rocking a 35-carat engagement ring and your name is Mariah Carey, of course you have wedding plans that involve the most over-the-top items you could possibly imagine. Carey and Australian fiancé James Packer are supposedly getting married at a private island near the Great Barrier Reef and are most definitely not concerned about guests getting to the tricky location—they'll use some of Packer's private planes to make sure everyone arrives in style.

    "She wants carnival rides and a giant circus with baby elephants, white tigers, jugglers, acrobats, and clowns," a Mariah friend told Australian tab Woman's Day. "There will be fireworks, a marching band, and a flyover by military aircraft." The real kicker? A "mermaid statue of herself."


    The gossip sounds like Mimi, but it also goes against what the singer has revealed herself. "We are not doing a big wedding because he did two big weddings, and it's kind of like, 'I've done a big wedding,'" she told E!. "We would rather make it beautiful but humble."

    Regardless of whether it's a massive blowout affair or something with a small guest list (but still beyond glamorous), facts stand: The pop star has to have something to wear. We're loving the rumors that she's fallen for a dress by a 17-year-old student at L.A.'s Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Design (it's reportedly one of four being considered).

    Watch 10 Things You Never Knew About Mariah Carey.

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    Hi, ladies. Kim here. We’re thrilled to welcome back Stacy Tasman to share another one of the amazing proposal stories from her site, How He Asked. If you missed the first one, check it out: There’s a dog, and you will get chills. And don’t miss the second—which started with the prettiest tulle skirt—here. The How He Asked story below is told by Rachel, who’s now a bride-to-be.


    We had lived next to each other for about two years and had mutual friends, but didn’t ever interact. Chalk it up to poor timing as either I was dating someone, or he was. We finally interacted at a neighbor Christmas party and there were immediate sparks. Honestly, it was a movie script for how well we hit it off. We chatted the whole night and we’ve talked every day since.


    I was 100 percent, completely surprised. To my knowledge, we were going to have a day date, then exchange Christmas presents, have dinner with his family, and then a cookie-decorating night with his nieces and nephews. That morning in date preparation, he repeatedly asked me if he should shave and wanted to know which I preferred. That wasn’t a question he’d ever asked me before but at the time I didn’t think much of it. He was also paying special attention to what I was wearing asking me if I felt pretty. He so thoughtfully took care to ensure that everything about that day was perfect.

    After a full day date in a neighboring town, I thought we were just going to exchange Christmas presents back at his house. Not the case. In reality, he was just getting us out of the house so his parents could set up for an engagement party. I gave him my gift (which i was VERY proud of) and he hugged me but didn’t say anything. It wasn’t exactly the response I was hoping for but he took my hand and silently led me into the sun room. As soon as I saw the lights nothing else mattered.


    The room was filled with hundreds of candles and rose petals, all sorts of happies and photos, and little things that were special to us. He included ticket stubs from movies and concerts, books that we read together, and trinkets that we won at an arcade.



    He even had the candles that we used on a picnic and a mug that I made him.


    He asked me to be his wife and of course I said YES! It was the easiest question I’ve ever been asked in my life. I immediately started crying when he told me he loved me.




    At one point I got so overwhelmed with joy I had to sit down for a second, to which he responded by joining me, cross-legged on the floor.


    We then went to his parents' house and were showered with love from all our closest friends and family. Spencer made sure everyone who was important to me was there. He even had my friends fly in from Chicago and D.C.! He’s by far the best person I know and I am so unbelievably excited to marry him. One last fun fact: He proposed exactly one year after we met and hit it off at a Christmas party. He’s got great timing. I’m going to be a Beck!!


    See more:
    Most Magical Disney Proposal Ever—With a Real Glass Slipper
    Marriage Proposal Ideas for Every Kind of Couple
    Find your Dream Engagement Ring

    Watch newly married Jennifer Aniston’s hot-body workout.

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    What’s going on with your left hand, Eva Longoria? We were trying to get a better look at the Telenovela actress’s engagement ringshe’s been engaged to longtime boyfriend Jose Antonio Baston since December—and we couldn’t help but notice the other ring that keeps popping up alongside it.

    Here’s Eva’s left hand at four appearances last month:





    At her most recent appearance, the SAG Awards, she left the second ring at home.


    So what’s that band all about? It looks an awful lot like a wedding ring—it appears to be a pave diamond band—but we don’t think Eva went and got secret married. For one thing, it’s on the wrong place on her finger. (A wedding ring is traditionally stacked below an engagement ring.) Plus, it hasn’t even been two months since she got engaged, so we assume she hasn’t had time to pull off a wedding—even a small, secret one.

    Which means it’s probably just another accessory Eva favors. NBD. We just find it interesting, since most newly engaged women consider that finger sacred: They’ll accessorize around it—with rings on other fingers—but this is the first time we’ve seen someone wear an unrelated ring on the same finger. Hey, wear what makes you happy. Sparkle on, Eva.

    ICYMI: Victoria Beckham Is Reportedly Making Eva Longoria's Wedding Dress (and Wants to Get Into Bridal!)

    Speaking of Eva’s BFF, watch Victoria Beckham Is Living a Life Filled With Style and Grace:

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    When it comes to planning a wedding, the necessity of visual aids can’t be overstated: The prettiest pictures you see can inspire something as small as your place cards—or as significant as your color palette. So here, we’ve gathered eight Instagram accounts with feeds full of swoonworthy images that will surely aid you in planning the picture-perfect day.

    For Reveling In Your Proposal Story: How He Asked

    A photo posted by HowHeAsked (@howheasked) on

    With a tagline that reads, “making sure you cry happy tears daily,” this Instagram account is all about celebrating the joy you—and hundreds of other brides-to-be—felt the moment their significant others got down on bended knee. Share your own story—or check in daily for smile-inducing stories, such as the guy who wrote out “will you marry me” in pancakes. (You've also read some of their greatest-hits proposals here!)

    For Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids

    If you can’t decide what hue to slip your ‘maids into, Bella Bridesmaid's Instagram account could help. The nationwide store shows off its selection in photos that will make you swoon for soft blush and go bonkers for blue. And bonus: If you find dresses you can’t imagine your big day without, there’s—probably!—a store near you.

    For DIY Inspiration: Something Turquoise

    Calling all DIY-brides: Something Turquoise’s Instagram account is for you. The blog and its Instagram images are chock full of ideas—think: thumbprint save-the-date cards or copper wire wedding signs—complete with simple, step-by-step instructions, as well as the real brides’ DIY projects you’ll be dying to copy.

    For Beauty Envy: Hair and Makeup by Steph

    If you’re looking for something less traditional than a ballerina-like bun for your big day, then take a look at this Instagram account, chock full of braids, updos, and long-and-wavy styles you’ll want to show your stylist, stat. Wedding hair and makeup artist Stephanie Brinkerhoff also shares sultry and sexy styles you might want to try for your wedding day—or night.

    For Wedding Dresses: BHLDN

    A photo posted by BHLDN Weddings (@bhldn) on

    Get ready to swoon. Lace, delicate beading, and illusion necklines abound in this online treasure trove of vintage-inspired dresses—but even if you don’t dig BHLDN’s specific style, you won’t be able to resist these uber-romantic images.

    For the Love of Flowers: The Hidden Garden

    From floral garlands to tented cake tables and flower-covered chuppahs, your botanic creativity will surely blossom—excuse the pun!—after you peruse the Instagram account of this Los Angeles-based floral design studio.

    For Spotting Sweet Things: Maggie Austin Cakes

    You may not have a sweet tooth, but you’ll be craving cake—otherwise known as slices of heaven—after you see cake creator Maggie Austin’s Instagram account. Her feed is filled with behind-the-scenes glimpse of how she pieces together her confectionery towers of perfection, as well as the finished products—which are almost too pretty to eat.

    For Pretty Paper Products: Aerialist Press

    Loving letterpress? Then you’ll really love the Aerialist Press’ Instagram account, showing off the printing company’s finest letterpress creations, including everything from invitations to menu cards and favor labels. (Oh, and the owners have the cutest puppy who makes regular appearances in their photos.)

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    Even though marrying a prince or king seems kind of like the dream, it's worth it to take a step back and remember that a marriage is still a marriage, thorns and all, and a tiara and royal title aren't prerequisites for happiness (marital or personal). Denmark's Princess Marie got engaged to Prince Joachim back in 2008 and was plenty happy beforehand, thankyouverymuch.

    "I'd been fending for myself for years, and it felt overwhelming that suddenly everyone apparently had an opinion about me. I had a great life—I didn't need to be rescued by some prince from Denmark," she told a Danish newspaper (reported via People).


    Princess Marie with Prince Joachim at Princess Sofia's wedding this summer

    "There was no doubt in my heart that I loved him, but I had my life. I was happy, and I had my pride. I simply was not ready to get married and take on the responsibility it would be to become part of the royal family," she said. "I was not prepared that attention could be so negative."

    The princess was raised in a wealthy French family, so there's no tale of a hardscrabble upbringing. She did go through her parents' divorce when young and it made an impact on her and her future thoughts on marriage. She was cautious when the prince popped the question, though (clearly), all worked out for the couple.

    Need more royals? Watch From Kate Middleton to Queen Maxima: 14 Places Royals Rock Jeans

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    BHLDN and Marchesa just teamed up for one of the best Instagram giveaway we've ever seen—like ever. The winner will receive a Marchesa Notte bridal gown of her choosing, a trip for two to NYC including hotel and roundtrip airfare, and a private bridal styling appointment with red carpet mavens and Marchesa cofounders Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig at the BHLDN Upper East Side store.

    The brand partnered with five engaged bloggers and sent each of them a dress from the Marchesa Notte Bride collection. Each blogger shared of photo of herself in the gown and asked her engaged followers to re-'Gram with the hashtag #BHLDNlovesMarchesa along with her wedding date for a chance to win. Take a look at their gorgeous dresses below:

    Meggan Morehead of Somewhere, Lately (@somewherelately)


    Cathy Anderson of Poor Little It Girl (@poorlittleitgirl)


    Kim Wiseley, editor-in-chief of Flutter Magazine (@fluttermag)


    Nikki Minton of My Style Diaries (@mystylediaries)


    Olivia Watson of LivvyLand (@livvylandblog)


    BHLDN will share posts from all five bloggers throughout the week, so make sure you head over to Instagram before the giveaway ends on February 19. We can expect the lucky winner to be announced the following week. In the meantime, head over to BHLDN’s contest page. for all the details. May the odds be ever in your favor.

    In other wedding wardrobe news, here’s what to wear to a winter wedding, according to Chriselle Lim.

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