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    Jessica Simpson has been so laid-back about swapping vows with fiance Eric Johnson that I kind of thought they'd never get married. (And I was totally OK with that. I mean, Kourtney and Scott have the most solid relationship of all the Kardasians, right?)

    But according to Us Weekly, Jessica and Eric will say "I do" shortly after baby No. 2 is born! (If you're not keeping track of her womb-happenings, Jess confirmed her second pregnancy on Christmas Day, so I'm guessing her second is due any day.)

    From Us: "During her April 14 baby shower, Jessica 'was telling friends she wanted to get married a few months after the baby is born,' the source reveals. Jessica and former NFL pro Eric, 33, have had to cancel nuptials twice thanks to surprise pregnancy news. Thus, the source reveals, 'Jessica said, "Let's have this wedding already before I get pregnant with another one!"'"

    Read the full story here.

    Jessica and Eric announced their engagement—after just six months of dating—in 2010. Shortly thereafter they were voted Most Likely to Break Up in 2011 by Ouch. But take that,!

    When do you think Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson will get married?

    I don't think she'll do it RIGHT after the baby's born. Since everyone and their brother is ALWAYS talking about her weight, I'm guessing she'll get close to her post-Maxwell Weight Watchers shape before saying "I do." Back in 2010, there was a rumor that Jessica and Eric were considering a New Year's Eve wedding, so I wouldn't be shocked if they tied the knot on New Year's Eve 2013. That's my guess!

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    The rose-shaped bun is my favorite wedding hair idea of the moment, and my love for the look only continues to grow each time I see it. Did you catch the blossomy braid bun Nicole Kidman wore in Cannes over the weekend, for example?


    If you love this wedding hair idea like I do, check out this rose-shaped bun how-to I got from hairstylist Anna Cantu, creative artist for Farouk Systems.

    1. Build up tons of texture. Sprinkle texturizing powder at your roots and create waves all over your head (in whatever direction), ideally using a tapered curling iron like the Chi Orbit Styler.

    2. Section the hair, making a strong part from the left temple to the right ear; tease, then begin to make a loose braid. As you braid, you can pull pieces out to create a messy look. Finish the braid with a small elastic and section away.

    3. Next, take the opposite section from temple to lower nape and begin a low loose braid. Remember to pull pieces out to create texture in the braids. Secure and section away.

    4. Now tease the roots of the loose back section and begin to braid it. This section will be your clean innermost braid in the rose shape. As you braid, make sure you start the braid loose and finish it clean and neat. Secure with small elastic band.

    Tip: Got shorter hair or very fine hair? Buy some matching synthetic hair extensions, and do this step on them (braiding loosely to start and then more cleanly to finish), then pin into the back of your hair and work into the hairstyle.

    5. Start your bun. Begin with the large back nape braid, taking the clean end and rolling it up into the loose root area. This is the inside of the rose. Pin in place at the left lower nape.

    6. Take the two large loose braids and begin to wrap them around the inner rose bud, one underneath and the other on top, moving clockwise to create the outer area of the rose. Pin and spray to seal your style. Then gloss up your rose with a shine mist, like CHI Shine Infusion.

    Tip: To hide the elastic bands, tuck under the opposite braid and pin.

    What do you ladies think of the rose-shaped bun as a wedding hairstyle idea?

    Photo: Getty Images

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    Fine, I don't recommend buying a wedding dress without even looking at the front. But I'm pretty sure there are a few wedding dresses here that I would buy based on the rear view alone!

    Wedding Dress 1
    wedding hairstyle

    Wedding Dress 2
    Emerald and Gold Wedding Inspiration / Mike Larson / Sparkly Details /

    Photo by: Sophie on Style Unveiled via

    Wedding Dress 3
    Celeste and Altens Australian Winter Wedding

    Wedding Dress 4
    Jen Huang Montecito Workshop

    Wedding Dress 5

    Wedding Dress 6
    Jenny Packham

    Wedding Dress 7
    Wedding Dress Designed By Kara Gowns

    Wedding Dress 8
    lace wedding dress

    Wedding Dress 9
    lace wedding dress

    Wedding Dress 10
    long wedding train

    Wedding Dress 11

    For more amazing rear views, check out the Portrait-Back Gowns bundle on Loverly! (Oh, and because these photos all originated from Loverly, you can click through to the original post, which makes it 100 times easier to figure out who designed each dress. No. 1 is from David's Bridal!)

    Which one of these wedding dresses is your favorite?

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    Every so often, a batch of engagement rings comes along that's SO ultra-pretty, I come thisclose to having a physical reaction. Today was one of those days.

    Engagement Ring 1

    Samatha's boyfriend proposed after a scavenger hunt, where a family member was waiting at each stop to hand her a clue to next one. Her guy was waiting at the end—surrounded by candles and 100 roses!

    Engagement Ring 2

    Hannah's guy had a family diamond reset as a solitaire. "I absolutely love it!" she says. "Except for the times I've scratched myself on it."

    Engagement Ring 3

    Celia had her heart set on a blue sapphire engagement ring but downplayed her dream ring to her boyfriend, who had just started a business. So you can imagine her surprise when he proposed with this ring, which he designed. "It might take a while to pay for the ring, but that look is eternal," he said. "It's a little corny," said Celia, "but I teared up!"

    Engagement Ring 4

    Melissa's boyfriend, Ahren, proposed on New Year's Eve at the Denver Botanic Gardens Trail of Lights!

    Engagement Ring 5

    Kelsey's boyfriend surprised her by proposing the night before their vacation. "He was too nervous about taking the ring through customs or losing it on the beach!" she says.

    Which of these engagement rings is your favorite?

    If you'd like to share a photo of your ring on Save the Date, you can click here to submit it with the contact form. Or you can email a photo to I try to run reader engagement ring posts often, so take your time and send a biggish, nonblurry photo! (Please DON'T send an Instagram photo or add text or special effects!) And if you've already sent a pic, sit tight—it's coming!

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    It happens to nearly every newlywed. Sometime after the garter's been tossed and all traces of your (faux) honeymoon tan have vanished, you realize you spent so much time preparing to get married that you haven't thought much about being married. Even if you were living together before you tied the knot, there are bound to be some surprises over the next 365 days. Here are 10 you may want to prepare for...


    1. You might feel like a kid playing grown-up.
    You relished the way the words my fiancé felt rolling off your tongue, and found occasion to drop them into every possible conversation. ("Oh, just picking up some beer for my fiancé...") It turns out their replacement—my husband—feels even more magical in your mouth. Still, you may find yourself glancing over your shoulder to see if someone is going to bust you for pretending to be married.

    2. You'll feel as if you are forgetting something all the time.
    Just a few weeks ago, roughly 70 percent of your brain space was dedicated to wedding-related details and minutiae. With no seating chart to arrange or bridesmaids to wrangle, many new brides feel a little lost, and some may even suffer a touch of post-party depression. The good news? Now you get to plan your life together, and that, you'll learn, is actually the most fun of all.

    3. The baby hints will start immediately.
    Your wedding dress won't even be back from the cleaners before eager breeders start racing ahead to the next big question: "So, are you guys trying yet?" Since the question itself is incredibly rude, feel free to respond in kind: "Well, we are having nonstop sex, but whether we're using birth control really isn't any of your business." And remember: It's up to you and your hubby to decide when and if you're ready to have kids—but know there's really no such thing as ready.

    4. You will fight and make up (again and again).
    Not the sparring type, you say? Trust us: The blending of two lives can ruffle even the most stoic feathers. He'll leave his gym clothes on the floor too many times; your manic apartment-fluffing before guests arrive will drive him nuts. You may even hurl a few ugly insults at each other. But know that each time you work through a spat and come back together, your bond will grow stronger. In the heat of the moment, remember to take deep breaths, count to 10, and think of all that fabulous makeup sex in your near future.

    5. Your relationship with your in-laws is a marathon, not a sprint.
    For better or worse, your husband's parents are in your life for the long haul. Your mother-in-law may drive you crazy with unsolicited decorating advice ("Sweetie, I just found the perfect drapes for you!"), but know that you don't have to take that advice. The key is gentle management: "Thank you so much! I'd love to consider them." Combine love and appreciation with clear-cut boundaries and you're on your way to a healthy long-term relationship.

    6. You might miss your mom.
    Although it's been years since you lived with her, don't be surprised if you find yourself pining for the days when someone else took care of all of the tedious domestic tasks that are now your domain. (We're not sure how one man can make so many mountains of laundry, but somehow he manages.) Even if your groom is a true team player and pitches in left and right, there will be chores and responsibilities you'd gladly hand over to the first willing party. Sigh. Welcome to adulthood.

    7. Sex will become a little, um...familiar.
    Relax—we're not saying that the passion is going to fizzle or that the act itself will lose its toe-curling luster, but after the wedding dust settles, life in general tends to fall into a more predictable pattern. Less roller coaster, more pleasure cruise. It's not that you won't still have mind-blowing encounters, but it's damn near impossible to keep up that honeymoon-action pace forever. Don't worry: The change will sound less like "Not tonight, dear—I've got a headache," and more like "Hurry up and get in here—Dancing With the Stars starts in two minutes!"

    8. You'll discover a "habit" you were blissfully unaware of before.
    Maybe he loads the forks into the dishwasher with the tines down while you prefer them up. Perhaps he repeatedly returns the empty milk carton to the fridge after he kills the contents. Although these things may make you mental, remember that marriage is about loving each other, warts and all. Plus, if he were perfect 24/7, your friends would hate you, and you'd have nothing to kvetch about on girls' night out.

    9. He may get you a horrible present.
    We're not saying that this is going to happen, but there's a decent chance that at some point in the next year, you may be given an incredibly unromantic gift like a coffeepot or a Bowflex. One word here: training. Men, left to their own devices, tend to buy presents they either think we "need" or would like to receive themselves. However, when they're provided with very clear, detailed directions to your favorite store and very specific instructions about what to purchase, there's a decent chance they'll turn up with something fabulous, frivolous, and maybe even sparkly. Here's another helpful word: incentive. Reward him properly and you'll be swimming in things you love before you know it.

    10. It's really important to take a vacation.
    You may be all about planning the honeymoon right now, but once it's behind you, you'll surely miss the delicious anticipation of a romantic getaway. (Not to mention a few days of house��keeping service.) Committing to an annual just-the��-two��-of��-you escape—even if it's just to the B&B in the next town over—will help keep the romance alive and, hopefully, remind you why you got married in the first place.

    —Written by Jenna McCarthy Brides

    What did you learn from your first year of marriage?

    More from Brides:
    *Sexy Summer Wedding Dresses
    *Celebrity Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands
    *25 Wedding Hairstyles Inspired by Our Favorite Celebrities
    *America's Most Beautiful Cakes
    *11Things to Avoid Before Your Wedding

    Photo: Getty Images

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    When I spotted these photos of fun-dorable musician couple Sarah and Evan over on Brooklyn Bride, I just HAD to get more for you guys! Thankfully, the super-sweet photographer was happy to share pics from the engagement shoot, which Sarah and Evan staged dressed as historically awesome musician couples. Love it!


    Frank Sinatra & Ava Gardner


    Sonny & Cher


    June Carter Cash & Johnny Cash


    Ava Gardner & Frank Sinatra


    Sonny & Cher


    June Carter Cash & Johnny Cash


    June Carter Cash & Johnny Cash


    June Carter Cash & Johnny Cash











    Generally speaking, I'm just not that into engagement photos (see why here), but I adore these! Although I guess Rory and I couldn't have done it, since there aren't too many famous blogger-art director couples to emulate.

    Thoughts on these j'adorable engagement pics?

    I love 'em! Clearly!

    P.S. It's OK if this engagement shoot isn't your scene, but please remember that these are photos of a real couple who might see this post, so play nice in the comments, ladies!

    Photos: Carly Loves Amos. Styling: Hilary Rushford.

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    OMG, you guys. I've become one of those people who constantly complains about the weather. Maybe it's because I'm pregnant. Or old. But either way, Waahhhhh! 90 degrees! I can't imagine putting on a wedding dress in this heat, but if I HAD to, I think I could be tempted by one of these to-die-for cap sleeve wedding dresses from the Spring 2014 runway shows.

    Wedding Dress 1: Jenny Packham

    Wedding Dress 2: Kelly Faetanini

    Wedding Dress 3: Peter Langner

    Which one of these wedding dresses is your favorite?

    Photo 1: Courtesy of the Designer. Photo 2: WWD/George Chinsee. Photo 3: WWD/Thomas Iannaccone.

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    862 Wedding-y Ideas

    • Follow these 5 tips for avoiding "Bridal Burnout." (This is real!) —The Bride's Guide
    • And follow these 10 tips for booking your honeymoon. (Or just make your groom do it, like I did!) —The Bride's Cafe
    • Copy these 10 ideas for a wedding en francais! —Huffington Post
    • Review these 10 tips, which every bride on a budget should know. —SheFinds
    • Consider these 10 not-too-crazy DIY projects. —Bridal Guide
    • Round up your "flat" wedding gifts in 1 of these! —Simply Stated
    • Throw you're entire wedding for just 800 pounds. (That's about $1,200. Color me impressed!) —Rock N Roll Bride
    • Badass brides: Try these 16 pairs of skull-embellished wedding shoes on for size. —Offbeat Bride

    4 Fantastic Real Weddings

    • We all know I can't resist a pic with four-legged wedding guests. (Top photo.) But I REALLY want you to see the wooden arch this bride and groom exchanged vows under! —Wedding Chicks
    • Cool off with picks from this elegant winter wedding in Lake Placid. —Ruffled
    • A Palm Springs wedding with loads of glam Old Hollywood details. —Inspired by This
    • I've totes been to a wedding at the Castle Hill Inn, where this gorgeous wedding took place! —A Northwoods Wedding


    Are you doing anything wedding-y this weekend?

    We're headed back to the new house on Saturday to pull up carpets—and Petra's supposed to stop by. And we'll spend Sunday around our current stomping grounds, trying to soak up a little more "Brooklyn" before we go!

    Photo: Whitney Darling Photography via Wedding Chicks.

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    You guys felt lukewarm about the first engagement rings Monique Lhuillier designed for Blue Nile, complaining that they were a little TOO bling-tastic. Lo and behold, her latest offerings are scaled back—WAY back.

    Engagement Ring 1

    Monique Lhuillier Solitaire Engagement Ring, $980 (setting only).

    Engagement Ring 2

    Monique Lhuillier Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring, $980 (setting only).

    Here are three other Blue Nile solitaires, to give you an idea of how the Monique ones are different:


    Six-Prong Nouveau Knife-Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring, $930 (setting only). Fluid Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring, $1,200 (setting only). Flared Solitaire Engagement Ring, $845 (setting only).

    Do you like the scaled-back look of Monique Lhuillier's latest engagement rings? Which of these engagement rings is your favorite?

    I definitely think the Monique settings are the prettiest. They sort of look like flowers, right? No. 2 is my fave! And I really like that the Monique rings aren't considerably more expensive than regular Blue Nile rings. It would stink to feel like you were just paying for a label, ya know?

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    One Direction singer Harry Styles took time off from being a teenage heartthrob this weekend in order to walk his mom, Anne Cox—whom he has described as his best friend—down the aisle before she married her longtime partner, Robin Twist, who helped raise the Harry. Here's a pic his sis, Gemma, shared on Instagram:


    Harry wore a white rose on his lapel to match the bouquet his mom carried at the ceremony at Pecks restaurant on Saturday. I'm not sure whether he misplaced his brush or got caught in a windstorm on the way to the wedding, but the X-TREME BEDHEAD look is kind of working for him, no?

    "Harry couldn't stop smiling. He hardly left his mum's side, and she looked really proud of him. He sipped champagne and chatted to everyone," a guest told the Sunday Mirror. (Chatted "to" is funny, right? Must be a Brit thing!)

    I'm going to attempt to post a wedding video that Harry shared via Vine, but it might take me a few tries, so bear with me:

    In order to keep the media away, the Mirror reports: "Guests were told details of the wedding at the last minute. A decoy coach full of bogus wedding guests went to Doncaster racecourse, 80 miles away."

    Read the full story here.

    Thoughts on Harry's best-man look?

    I love that he's besties with his mom!

    Photo: Instagram/gemmastagram. Video: Twitter/Harry_Styles.

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    It's been a while since I shared a pic from my wedding—which was all outdoors—so there you go.

    A girl can pretty much get dressed for a summer wedding on autopilot: Throw on a dress and heels and you're almost ready to go—without questioning whether you'll freeze to death in chiffon, or whether bare legs are ridiculous when there's snow in the forecast. (I ALWAYS choose suffering over wearing nylons!) But don't dash out the door without tossing these seven essentials in your clutch—especially if you're the bride.

    1. DEODORANT Yes, you applied post-shower, but that first application doesn't stand a chance if the ceremony or cocktail hour is outdoors. A travel-size stick will fit nicely in your bag.

    2. SUNSCREEN Same as above: Your earlier application won't protect you from the bride's walk down the aisle through the last dance—especially if the ceremony has you sitting through early afternoon rays. Put some sunscreen wipes (like these) into a ziplock plastic bag ahead of time, and give yourself a pre-ceremony wipe-down. (Don't forget your ears and neck!)

    3. WATER A thoughtful bride and groom will probably remember to have pre-ceremony water on hand on a scorching day, but don't take your chances. Nothing kills a champagne buzz faster than passing out from dehydration. Even if the ceremony's indoors, remember: Those charming old churches aren't always air-conditioned.

    4. SUNGLASSES Extra-important if part of the wedding is happening by water (whether it's the ocean or a pool), which will reflect the sun directly into your eyes.

    5. INSECT REPELLENT Nearby bodies of water will pretty much guarantee some uninvited guests: mosquitoes. Of course you don't want to smell like a campground, so save the mosquito wipes (like these) till after the bugs start biting.

    6. HEEL COVERS Your pretty heels don't stand a chance against wooden decks, gravel, grass, or sand. Protect your shoes, and prevent any potential face-plants, with a pair of Solemates, which are little plastic covers that slide over the bottoms of your heels and keep you from sinking—or getting stuck. {SO done that! }

    7. A WRAP Depending on where the wedding's located, a scorching-hot day might turn to a freezing cold evening when the sun sets. A pretty wrap will look SO much better with your dress than your boyfriend's bulky suit jacket.

    What other essentials do you like to have on hand for summer weddings? Did I forget anything?

    Lots of brides might have most of the above in the bathroom basket, but I like to bring my own, just to be safe.

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    The New York Post got their hands on the first pic from Napster founder and Facebook billionaire Sean Parker's wedding with Alexandra Lenas, which took place on Saturday and was rumored to be a $9 million, Lord of the Rings-themed affair. Here's their tweet from earlier today:

    As I mentioned on Saturday: The bride and groom hired Ngila Dickson, the designer from The Lord of the Rings trilogy, to style their guests and the groom's wardrobe. The couple's six-month-old daughter, Winter Victoria, and the flower girls were also dressed by Ngila. Sean confirmed in a tweet on April 1 that they were indeed costuming guests but denied that it was a 'theme' wedding. "Academy Award-winning costume designer Ngila Dickson is creating gorgeous, inspiring, and unique designs that are both modern and whimsical," he wrote. "Sorry to disappoint, but the wardrobe we're giving wedding guests is essentially modern … There will be nothing medieval about it."

    OK, fine, maybe there wasn't a full-on LOTR theme, but you have to admit, this pic is definitely infused with some woodland magic. I mean, it wouldn't be all that out of place if Gandalf were lurking in the background, right?

    Let's get a better look:


    Alexandra looks absolutely to-die-for in Elie Saab, one of my all-time fave wedding dress designers.

    Thoughts on Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas' wedding pic?

    I want a better look at that dress. And I'd love to see what everyone else was wearing!

    Photo: Twitter/PageSix

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    I love the idea of wearing little white dresses for ALL your wedding-y events—bridal shower, bachelorette, rehearsal dinner, heck, even on your honeymoon—but after you spring for the BIG white dress (your wedding dress!) you probably won't have room in your budget for a bunch more spendy dresses. Enter Lovely, an online shop with the SWEETEST selection of little white dresses, all priced less than $100.

    Wedding Dress 1: Bridal Shower

    Alyssa Dress, $54.

    Wedding Dress 2: Bridal Shower

    Cherry Lane Dress, $65.

    xWedding Dress 3: Bachelorette Party

    Clarkson Dress, $90.

    Wedding Dress 4: Bachelorette Party

    Sullivan Dress, $64.

    Wedding Dress 5: Bachelorette Party

    Pastis Dress, $70.

    Wedding Dress 6: Rehearsal Dinner

    Leroy Dress, $54.

    Wedding Dress 7: Rehearsal Dinner

    Cornelia Dress, $70.

    Let's keep in mind that the dresses are shown on a model, who's probably a good six inches taller than the rest of you mortals. (And probably a good eight inches taller than I am!) So don't get too judge-y about the length!

    Do you want to wear white dresses for all of your wedding-y events? Or do you only care about THE dress?

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    There's nothing I love more than an Evite for your annual Halloween party or summer barbecue bash. They're fun, free, and easy to execute, three of my favorite things. But for weddings I've always favored traditional paper invites. I mean, it's your wedding, not a Super Bowl party, so doesn't it deserve a little fanfare? Plus, I'm getting a migraine just thinking about all the older relatives who aren't on "the email" yet, or sending an evite to your mom's boss and having it wind up in his spam folder.

    That said, it IS 2013, and I recently found out my Grandma Viv not only owns a cell phone but has been sending texts. So maybe it's time to embrace the technology? Jonathan Adler's new collection with Paperless Post may have just swayed me. Check out these adorbs designs:

    Wedding Invitation 11-jonathan-adler-for-paperless-post-wedding-invitations-0504

    Wedding Invitation 22-jonathan-adler-for-paperless-post-wedding-invitations-0504

    Wedding Invitation 3

    Wedding Invitation 4

    Not everything is metallic, but these four options are my faves, in part because they'd be SO EXPENSIVE to print in real life, especially the one with gold and silver.

    Click here to see Jonathan Adler's entire Paperless Post collection.

    They're not free, which kind of has me feeling wishy-washy, since Paperless Post does have free wedding invites, but you could send 75 invites (enough for about 150 guests) for $16, about 10 cents each, which is a serious savings over ANY printed invites. Even if you use a free template (I adore these) they're going to set you back about $35 for stamps—plus, the cost of cards and envelopes—and that doesn't include the extra charge if your invites require extra postage. So I think you can justify the 16 bucks.

    Is it cute or cheesy to email your wedding invitations? Would you do it? Have you ever received a wedding evite? (I have, and I was totally fine with it!)

    Even if you don't want to send evites for your wedding itself, there are cute templates for other wedding-y events; the first one up there is worded for an engagement party, although you could customize it to be a wedding invite. And there's no denying the invites are cute!

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    I think I stopped following Kim Kardahian and Kris Humphries' divorce saga sometime in early 2012, but it turns out their divorce wasn't a done deal until last night, when a judgment was entered in Los Angeles Superior Court.

    So now that that turkey's officially cooked—almost two years after Kim filed for divorce—it can only be a matter of time until Kanye puts a ring on it, right? I'm a tiny bit surprised he hasn't already. I kind of think the only reason he didn't was because Kim would have faced SERIOUS backlash if she got engaged before her divorce was finalized. But now it's time to start taking bets.

    Do you think there's an engagement ring in Kim Kardashian's future now that her divorce from Kris Humphries is final? If so, how quickly is it coming?

    Photo: Getty Images.

    0 0

    Lots of wedding dresses are truly works of art, but when they're photographed they just look like, well, dresses. That is so NOT the case with designer Rubin Singer's first bridal collection, which looks absolutely magical in these photos. (Rubin is the designer behind Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime outfit, if you didn't catch that in the headline. So cool!) Check out all this gorgeous:

    Wedding Dress 1

    Wedding Dress 2

    Wedding Dress 3

    Wedding Dress 4

    Wedding Dress 5

    Wedding Dress 6

    Wedding Dress 7

    Wedding Dress 8

    Wedding Dress 9

    Wedding Dress 10

    Wedding Dress 11

    Wedding Dress 12

    Which one of these wedding dresses is your favorite?

    I'm obsessed with No. 6. Ob. Sessed.

    Photos: Gamut Photos, courtesy of Rubin Singer.

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    Beth has already dubbed Emma Watson's braided hairstyle at the L.A. premiere of The Bling Ring"the updo that will make you forget every single braid you've ever seen in your life," and I kind of agree. As the bride, you want a hairstyle that looks good from 360 degrees, and this updo definitely qualifies:




    If I were getting married in the summer of 2013, this updo would be the No. 1 style I'd request at my hair trial. It would also be cute for a bridesmaid—if the bride won't mind that your hair looks cooler than hers.

    Thoughts on Emma Watson's awesome braids? Would you wear this style for your wedding?

    I SO would have!

    Photos: Getty Images, Film Magic, Film Magic.

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    There's no makeup item more closely associated with weddings than blush—nobody talks about bronzing or eyeshadow-ing brides, just those blushing ones. So why not wear a beautiful new one for your big day? To get you started thinking about this, here are three of my favorite just-rosy-enough blushes, as seen on celebrities with different skin-tone situations.

    Chanel Powder Blush in In Love, as worn by Rose Byrne


    Estee Lauder Pure Color Blush in Hot Sienna, as worn by Padma Lakshmi


    Votre Vu Vu-On Rouge in French Tulip, as worn by Alicia Keys


    Are you intrigued by any of these blush shades? Do you know what blush you'll be wearing on your wedding day?

    Photos: Getty Images

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    Hey, looks don't fade when you're a diamond. And these ultra-pretty engagement rings would never suggest that you watch too much reality TV. Just sayin'.

    Engagement Ring 1

    Jess's boyfriend proposed by putting this sparkler in a pumpkin she was about to carve.

    Engagement Ring 2

    Colleen's boyfriend, Sean, brought her on a private tour of a local landmark to propose, then to a nearby restaurant where 30 of their friends and family members were waiting to celebrate with them.

    Engagement Ring 3

    Sabeena's pretty ring—from the Vera Wang Love collection!—came after a "perfect proposal planning in conjunction with some of my favorite people."

    Engagement Ring 4

    Amanda's vintage engagement ring is from the 1930s.

    Engagement Ring 5

    "My boy did good!" says Carly of her bling-y ring.

    Which of these engagement rings is your favorite?

    If you'd like to share a photo of your ring on Save the Date, you can click here to submit it with the contact form. Or you can email a photo to I try to run reader engagement ring posts often, so take your time and send a biggish, nonblurry photo! (Please DON'T send an Instagram photo or add text or special effects!) And if you've already sent a pic, sit tight—it's coming!

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    Writes Save the Date reader Jacqueline:

    My boyfriend and I met online and have been dating for a year and a half. It took him a LONG time to say "I love you," and that only happened AFTER my ex hacked into his email account and found emails he was exchanging with women from dating sites.

    My current guy says he never cheated, and the only reason he was talking to other women was that he was worried I was going to go back to my ex, but he loves me. (That was his first "I love you.") I'm not sure if he meant it or if he felt like he HAD to say it because he got caught, but now he keeps bringing up marriage—like, every week. But he hasn't proposed yet.

    I just smile and say nothing, but I'm wondering: Is he really going to propose? Or is he just leading me on?

    Here are my thoughts:

    Um, what? Who CARES if this guy proposes? Do you want to marry a guy who was talking to multiple other women behind your back? Sure, he didn't cheat, but he was setting himself up to cheat.

    And side note: Why was your ex-boyfriend hacking into your current boyfriend's email account? That's both illegal AND creepy. And I'm wondering if you let your current guy know that your ex broke into his email account. Because if Rory ever said, "I had my ex hack your email account, and…" I'd be outta here before he even finished the sentence.

    Clearly you both have SERIOUS trust issues. (Another question: If he was worried you were going to leave him, why was his instinct to start the groundwork for a new relationship instead of talking with the woman he "loves"?) Based on all the lies and deceit in your short shared past, I think it would be a stretch for the two of you to build a future together. I think your best move would be to break up with this guy—and then look for someone who you trust enough to stay out of his email account.

    Ladies, what do you think? Should Jacqueline stick around and see if this guy proposes? Or is it time to move on?

    Have a wedding-y dilemma of your own? Email me!

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