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    Two years ago, I went on a trip to Hawaii with my boyfriend and so many people thought he would pop the question during our travels that I wrote a post posing the question, "Can't you just go on vacation without everyone assuming you'll get engaged?" Well, joke's on me because last week that same boyfriend and I went back to Hawaii and...drumroll...we're engaged!


    On Save the Date, we love sharing proposal stories—and, well, I just love telling it 'cause I'm feeling so lovey-dovey—so here's what happened...

    First, some background: We were traveling back to New York on Valentine's Day, so Bill told me he was planning a date for us while we were still in Hawaii. Made sense to me—and it was a perfect cover for him to plan a special event without my catching on that it'd be the date. The plan, as far as I knew, was to leave early to walk around the cute surfer town of Paia, Maui, then eat lunch at our favorite spot, Mama's Fish House.

    But on our way, Bill turned left at an intersection when I knew he was supposed to turn right. When we're driving, I'm usually the navigator, so I called him out on it—but he said he knew of a scenic beach where we could go see some whales and can I just go along with it, OK? When we got to the spot, Bill and I walked around for a bit and enjoyed the beautiful scenery—including a rainbow in the background. But it was rainy, so after a bit I was ready to head out, but Bill kept stalling. (Later, I found out it was because there was a hairy, shirtless tourist who was wandering around near us and wouldn't leave, so Bill kept trying to wait for a private moment to pop the question. I'm glad he did!)

    When we were finally alone on the beach, Bill got down on one knee and proposed. I started laughing (from joy, natch), gave him a kiss, and said, "Yes! Of course!"

    The ring was exactly my type. In fact, I had picked it in a roundabout way: Bill had snuck onto my computer one day while I was out and looked at my secret wedding Pinterest board. (I don't know why I think this is so clever of him, but I don't think I would have thought to do that! That Pinterest board was meant for my eyes only.) His favorite one was luckily in his budget, and that's how I got this sparkly lovely:


    After lots of hugs and "I can't believe this!" moments, we called our families with the good news and headed to Mama's for the best meal—for so many reasons—I've ever had. The restaurant even had a sign waiting for us at our table:

    A photo posted by Anna Moeslein (@annamoeslein) on

    After lunch, the surprises continued: Bill had booked a romantic overnight stay at an oceanfront resort so we could keep the celebration going at its gorgeous pool and beach, and he told me he had already gotten a subscription to Brides, which would be waiting for me when I got back to New York. Keeper!

    Later, Bill confessed that he was stressed on the day of the proposal because it was raining and he wanted everything to be perfect—but I said he could have proposed in a garbage dump and I still would have said yes. After three years together, he's my best friend, and I'm just happy I found my person.

    So, that's our story. Thanks for letting me share! But now there's so much planning ahead—any advice?!

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    Blame Lady Gaga: After she shared her heart-shaped engagement ring on Monday, it’s been all-hearts-all-the-time on Save the Date. (See stylish heart engagement rings here and heart-shaped aisle decorations here.) So I’m thrilled to continue the heart-tastic trend with these sweet wedges from Sarah Jessica Parker’s SJP Collection.

    Perfect for an outdoor wedding, since wedges won’t sink in grass or sand. And perfect for a bride because, hello, tiny heart cutouts. They’re not up for grabs yet, but you’ll be able to buy them through Zappos Couture soon.

    Until then, click here to check out the current offerings in the SJP Collection.

    Doris, Maude, Sophia, and Ursula also seem wedding-ready, but Ashley is my favorite in the current collection. (She’s pink!)

    Would you wear these heart-cutout wedges for your outdoor wedding?

    I totally would have. (Take it from an outdoor bride who didn’t wear wedges: You want to wear wedges!)

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    Some brides don’t mind putting it all out there in a wedding dress with a way-cropped-top or a cut-to-there V-neck. Yay for them—flaunt it if you’re feeling it—but if you’re a bride who prefers to leave a little more to the imagination, check out these from designer Sarah Janks’ latest collection.

    Wedding Dress 1

    Wedding Dress 2

    Wedding Dress 3

    Wedding Dress 4

    Wedding Dress 5

    Wedding Dress 6

    Wedding Dress 7

    Wedding Dress 8

    Wedding Dress 9

    Click here to check out everything from Sarah Janks.

    None of these dresses are necessarily “modest,” per se. (I don’t think you’d spot a Duggar bride in Sarah Janks.) But they’re covered-up enough that you wouldn’t feel too-close-to-naked in front of your uncles or your mom’s boss.

    Thoughts on the latest from Sarah Janks? Are these the right level of sexy for you? Which of these wedding dresses is your favorite?

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    The more I see of Lady Gaga’s engagement ring from Taylor Kinney, the more I like it. (The two were engaged on Valentine’s Day, if you’ve been living under rock.) Obviously we’ve all seen the super-size heart-shaped diamond center stone in Gaga’s Lorraine Schwartz sparkler, but here’s a new detail:

    A photo posted by @ladygaga on

    T [heart] S! (Gaga’s birth name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, in case you’ve forgotten.)

    The caption reads: “My favorite part of my engagement ring, Taylor and Lorraine designed “T[heart]S” in white diamonds on the band. He always called me by my birth name. Since our very first date. I'm such a happy bride-to-be! I can't stop smiling!!”

    Here’s a picture of the bride and groom celebrating their engagement:

    Thoughts on the sweet hidden message in Lady Gaga’s engagement ring? Would you like something similar?

    PS Seriously Stylish Heart Engagement Rings for Girls Who Think They Don’t Like Heart Engagement Rings

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    Blergh: Allison Williams—who’s been engaged to College Humor cofounder Rick Van Veen since last February—said last night in a sit-down with Seth Meyers that her wedding has been postponed in light of her father Brian Williams’ suspension from NBC Nightly News.


    Between dealing with a family crisis and—Hello, Peter Pan—the actress said that her wedding plans have taken the back burner: “It's been a very full year,” she told Seth. “You sort of think, ‘What could possibly come along that would make me not think about this?’ And then I get Peter Pan and I think, ‘OK, I will think only about Neverland and then we'll go back to planning our wedding.’ Then current events started happening, so that derailed it a little bit, but it has been this really beautiful through line in our lives. It's just something we haven't focused on, but, spoiler alert, we are excited!”

    That’s Ricky on the left in the photo below.

    Obviously it’s all simultaneously frustrating and heartbreaking for a couple to put their nuptials on hold for major work and family upheavals, but it seems like they’re rolling with it in the most graceful manner possible.

    Thoughts on Allison Williams’ postponed wedding?

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    Writes Save the Date reader Jessa:

    My boyfriend proposed in November of 2014. We finally started wedding planning and decided we’d like to have our wedding in April of 2016. We are were both very excited—until I mentioned the date to his sister, my future sister-in-law, who’s getting married that June. (She’s had her date for nearly a year; hers has been a long engagement.) She said she’s really upset that I’m pushing her out of the limelight. We’ve always been really close—I’m her maid of honor—and I’m worried that this is going to come between us. But I’m a few years older than she is (I’ll be 33 next year, she’ll be in her mid-20s) and I’m ready to start a family.

    I’ve been really involved in planning her wedding, and I help as much as I can and whenever she asks. I’ve really gone out of my way for her, and I feel like she’s just being selfish in return. I’m not the type of person to steal someone’s thunder, and I’m upset that that’s how she thinks of me. So what do I do?

    Here are my thoughts:

    Yuck. I feel like this is the sort of thing, 10 years from now, that your sister-in-law will look back on and be like, “Wow! I was being a little bridezilla-y!” but she just doesn’t have that perspective now. Assuming she got engaged in 2013 and planned her wedding for 2016, it’s really weird/selfish that she expects to monopolize all of the limelight in a three-year stretch.

    So let’s look at all your options:

    You could move your wedding date to later in 2016. You could bump your wedding from April to August, or even April to October, but I feel like even that wouldn’t make her happy, since your prewedding events—engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette—will still overlap with her wedding, so there’s still potential for limelight stealing.

    You could move your date to 2015. But again, I feel like there’s still thunder-stealing potential, so I don’t think rushing to plan your wedding is worth the added stress for you.

    You could move your wedding date to 2017. I’m assuming your SIL would be OK with this, but that seems incredibly selfish of her. Like you said, you want to start a family, and there are scientifically proven benefits to having kids before you turn 35. (Off the top of my head, the risk of Down syndrome increases after the mom turns 35.) I don’t believe your eggs will start shriveling on your 35th birthday, but if you do want to have two—or even more—kids, it’s obnoxious that she’d let her wedding interfere with that.

    You could keep April and hope she gets over it. Honestly, brides, you get A DAY. One day. Not a season, not a two-month stretch. Certainly not calendar year. Your wedding doesn’t exist in a bubble. Other people will get married before your wedding, and other people will get married after it. If it’s not your sister-in-law, it might be your best friend or your college roommate or your cousin or a coworker. People will have babies in conjunction with your wedding, people will move and lose their jobs—people might die. Obviously your wedding is a monumentally huge part of your life right now, but that doesn’t mean it supersedes the existence of everyone you know.

    If you want to get married in April—and I think you do—I think you explain to your sister-in-law that your internal clock’s a-ticking and you don’t want to hold off your wedding just to give hers breathing room on the calendar. Explain that you’ll still follow through with all of your MOH duties, and promise that you’ll be there 100 percent in the months and weeks leading up to her wedding. You could ask her when she would rather you get married, but by asking you’re opening up the can of worms where you might have to say no to her. She just can’t insist that people don’t get married in the months leading up to her wedding. She just can’t. And if she does, IMO, she’s being unreasonable. Hopefully if you continue to help her plan her wedding without commanding everyone’s attention away from her, she’ll see that soon enough.

    Ladies, what do you think? Should Jessa switch her wedding date? Or keep it and hope her SIL gets over it all?

    Have a wedding-y dilemma of your own? Email me!

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    Downton Abbey fans already love British actress Lily James as the mischievous ingenue Rose, but the rest of the world is getting to know her as Cinderella in the new live-action adaptation of the favorite fairy tale. And while out promoting the film, James has been doing fairy princesses proud with a parade of daydream-worthy hairstyles—all of which make lovely wedding hair inspiration. Come see!

    1. A crazy-glamorous smooth blowout with lots of volume in the back, at the Cinderella premiere during last week's Berlinale International Film Festival



    2. This enchanting Rapunzel-like wavy braid with a twist up top, at a screening yesterday in Milan with costar Richard Madden


    3. A classic belle-of-the-ball French twist at the Moscow Cinderella premiere; so elegant it never goes out of style


    4. A come-hither textured low ponytail with flattering face-framing wisps, at a photocall in Milan


    5. Charming bouncy curls pushed fetchingly over one shoulder, in this older photo I came across


    Are you feeling charmed by any of these wedding hairstyle ideas on Cinderella actress Lily James? Dying to see the movie as much as I am?

    Meanwhile, learn more about this modern-day Cinderella, Lily James, by reading her interview with Glamour.

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    Instead of giving your flower girls a bouquet to carry or one of those weird flower balls, why not give them an easy-to-wear accessory like this sweet floral bracelet? (I found this one through D.C.-based florist Holly Chapple, who’s breathtakingly gorgeous bouquets are featured here.)

    For the #flowergirl, flower bracelets. #virginiaweddingflorist #hollyish @salamanderresort photo by Freed Photography

    A photo posted by Holly Chapple (@hollychapple) on

    Even as a bridesmaid, I feel weird carrying a bouquet down the aisle, so this takes a little pressure off your tiniest attendants.

    So sweet, right? Would your flower girls FLIP for a real flower bracelet?

    I suspect mine would have. Here she is—yes, in sneakers—what feels like 100 years ago.


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    Whether or not you're a Southern bride, chances are, you're going to play at least a few country songs at your wedding. Let's be serious, can you imagine a world where couples didn't dance to Rascal Flatts' "Bless the Broken Road" for their first dance? Exactly. In light of that, we curated a playlist packed with country hits that couples of all kinds will love.


    Country's It couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

    The first-dance song options are, of course, endless. Keith Urban's "Making Memories of Us," Lonestar's "Amazed," and Shania Twain's "From This Moment On" are basically standards by this point. And for good reason—something about the twang of the instruments with the heartfelt lyrics make them feel instantly personal.

    Our picks go way beyond just those love songs. We happen to love Rhett Atkins' "She Said Yes" and Trisha Yearwood's "She's in Love With the Boy" for processional music. And for the reception? Zac Brown Band's "Chicken Fried," Billy Currington's "Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right," and Blake Shelton's "God Gave Me You" are guaranteed to get your guests on the dance floor, whether it's for a full-on dance party or for a sweet slow song.

    If you're not a country music fan, we dare you to listen to this playlist and not come away with at least one new addition to your wedding music list. Sit back, relax, and press play!

    Which song would you pick for your wedding?

    —Written by Terri Pous for Brides.

    More from Brides:
    *50 Ways to Save $500 on Your Wedding
    *The Best Celebrity Engagement Rings
    *50 Mistakes Every Bride Makes

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    Here’s the question that’s bouncing around my brain this Friday: What on earth will Lady Gaga wear when she walks down the aisle to marry Taylor Kinney? I mean, where does the girl who’s worn a meat dress and more neon faux fur than the entire cast of Sesame Street start shopping for a wedding dress? There are certainly suitable dresses already hanging in her closet. (Hopefully not too close to the aforementioned meat dress.)

    This caped number that she wore to the 37th Annual Kennedy Center Honors is chic with some surprising sparkle underneath.


    Or this fluffy miniskirted number from earlier that month would be perfect for a city hall wedding. (It’s Gaga. Wouldn’t be the first time she did something unexpected.)


    But since we’ve never seen her in the same dress twice, that I know of, so I doubt she’ll show up on her wedding day in second-wear frock. So perhaps she’ll shop from the Fashion Week runways:


    From Zuhair Murad’s Paris couture show.


    This one just went down the runway at Jenny Packham.


    From Naeem Khan’s spring-summer 2015 collection.

    But, guys, I kind of feel like Gaga might go the traditional route. Obviously her wedding dress will be custom, but I don’t think it’s going to be made of, like, cold cuts or fairy wings. She’s mentioned that she loves how her groom calls her by her birth name, and she grew up a Catholic-school girl, so I think her wedding dress might be surprisingly unshocking. I mean, she might be the Mama Monster who set the music world on fire, but at the end of the day she’s just a girl with a heart-shaped diamond who’s wildly in love. Here are some wedding dresses I love for her.


    Vera Wang.


    Romona Keveza Couture.


    Claire Pettibone.


    Carolina Herrera.


    Angel Sanchez.

    What do you think Lady Gaga’s wedding dress will look like? Are my picks spot-on? Or will she wear some thing totally different?

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    Wedding dresses are certainly finding their place on the red carpet: Laverne Cox wore a wedding dress from Johanna Johnson’s spring-summer 2014 collection to the SAG Awards; see it here. And Kristen Wiig wore a Delphine Manivet wedding dress to the Golden Globes. (Here’s a photo.) And the Oscar red carpet saw twowedding dresses tonight.

    Carmen Ejogo wore a dress from Houghton Bride’s spring/summer 2015 runway. (Obviously she opted for a lined version—it’s the Oscars, people. Not the VMAs.)


    And Zendaya stepped out in a Vivienne Westwood gown that’s currently available at Kleinfeld. (The sleeve part is draped a little differently—it’s a tie situation—but they’re virtually identical.)


    Thoughts on these two starlets’ red carpet wedding dresses? Would you get married in either of ’em?

    Trust me when I say a Vivenne Westwood dress gives you an instant hourglass shape. So awesome.

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    Well, Keira Knightley certainly has the “glowing, gorgeous pregnant lady” thing down. I mean, she’s always been super pretty, but I thought she looked over-the-top amazing at the Oscars last night. I adored her whimsical Valentino gown {Um, paging all pregnant brides! } and the soft hair and makeup went beautifully with it.


    Her hair was styled by celeb hairstylist Ben Skervin, who called his inspiration “romantic chaos.” In his words: “Since the dress is so remarkable, we left her hair down to stay away from an overly dressy or too overdone style. The finished look is all about soft, relaxed texture.” Let’s go in for a closer look.


    Here’s a side view of Keira’s hair while she was chatting up newly engagedLady Gaga. I didn’t know the two of them were friendly, but Keira probably called her over to share wedding-planning tips.

    And here’s exactly how to copycat Keira’s Oscars hair.

    1. Starting with wet hair, apply Fekkai Blowout Primer, which Ben says “is great for smoothing and prepping for heat styling.” Then twist large sections of hair with your fingers, spiraling from root to tip. Blow-dry each twist (Ben used the the GHD Air Dryer) for a loose, textured result. Once all the twists were dry, “break up” the waves with the blow-dryer to give a more relaxed feel.

    2. Use an oval-shaped curling iron, like the GHD Classic Wave Wand, to curl all of your hair in two-inch sections for that perfect loose wave. For each section, spray Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray to give a little extra hold and easy flexibility. Then brush through the hair to deconstruct the waves and dishevel the hair a bit. Finish with Fekkai Soleil Beach Waves Tousling Spray for “a worn-in feel and easy texture.”

    Here’s how Ben finished Keira’s hair, with that ultra-simple headband: “A last special touch we added to her hair was a gorgeous headband from Chanel Fine Jewelry. We hid most of the headband, so it looks like the jewels are simple floating in her hair. I wrapped pieces of her hair around the headband so you can see only a little peek of the diamond embellishments, like a beautiful little surprise.”

    You could achieve a similar look with this Swarovski-embellished headband from Haute Bride:


    Product T234.

    Would you copy Keira Knightley’s Oscar hair for your wedding?

    I adore it for a bride.

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    If you’re on-trend in your everyday life, it makes sense that you’d want to be on-trend for your wedding day too. So I asked Nikki and Leah, two of our eagle-eyed runway mavens to share the trends from Fashion Week that could translate for a fashion-forward bride. Here are their high-style picks.

    SPOTTED AT: Phillip Lim, Jason Wu, Kaelen, J.Crew

    Phillip Lim.

    FOR YOUR WEDDING: There are loads of furry, feathery options—many faux—up for grabs for winter brides. (ModCloth sometimes has fur finds in their vintage shop, but obviously you have to act quickly to snag those. Personally, I’m not into fur, but vintage fur bothers me less.)


    Sadie Wrap from BHLDN, $140.

    SPOTTED AT: Isa Arfen, Rosie Assoulin, Tibi

    Rosie Assoulin.

    FOR YOUR WEDDING: Obviously you don’t need to buy weddings-specific statement earrings, but there are plenty of bridal options out there. The earrings below (one bridal, one not) both come in pairs, but I think if you’re doing your hair down and pushed to one side or a side chignon, it would be fun to wear just one earring in your exposed lobe.


    Your All I See Grand Earrings in Rose Gold from Samantha Wills, $115. I also love, love, love these ear cuffs, which I’ve shown you before, from the same designer. (I just had to point them out again.)


    RJ Graziano Crystal Thorn Drop Earrings from Rent the Runway, $20 rental.





    FOR YOUR WEDDING: The bottom of the skirt of this Theia wedding dress is dusted with neon flecks. If you want your dress to feel more classic, an ultra-bright necklace would do the trick.



    Kenneth Jay Lane Budding Collar from Rent the Runway, $25 rental.

    SPOTTED AT: MARC JACOBS (Also on Amal at the Globes, of course.)

    Marc Jacobs.


    Marc Jacobs.

    FOR YOUR WEDDING: What looked sinister on the runway could look sweet for a bride, especially if they’re cast in openwork lace. And I definitely prefer gloves sleek rather than slouchy. (I feel like I’m in the minority, but I didn’t love how baggy Amal’s looked.)


    Lace Half-Sleeves from Etsy seller ThingsInLove, $35.


    Gold Champagne Beaded Lace Wedding Gloves from Etsy seller GlovesByJana, $30.

    Would these runway trends work for your wedding look? Or do you want your wedding look to be timeless instead of trendy?

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    Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman celebrated 17 years of marriage last week. (At Mario Batali’s Babbo, yum.)

    A photo posted by Rachel Zoe (@rachelzoe) on

    And today Rachel shared a pic of the bracelet her groom gifted her with, which he designed along with Jennifer Meyers (a.k.a. every celeb’s favorite jeweler). Check it out:

    A photo posted by Rachel Zoe (@rachelzoe) on

    Rachel, Rodger, Styler, Kaius, and R2 on the inside. I love it.

    Would you like a similar gift from your groom?

    Um, yes.

    PS: I’ll be basking in the sun at my parents’ Florida retirement community until next Tuesday, but there will be plenty of Save the Date posts coming your way in my absence. (And obviously if anyone major gets engaged or married, I’ll take a break from swimming and shuffleboard to bring you the details—because, let’s face it, I’ll be obsessing over them anyway, and obsessing is more fun with you guys.)

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    There's all kinds of advice to never get a boyfriend's name tattooed on you, but does the maxim change after you've sealed the deal? Benji Madden took to Instagram to show off some fresh ink showing love for his new wife, Cameron Diaz—specifically, her name in scrolling script across his chest—and I'm left mulling over how I feel about it.

    A photo posted by The B-man (@benjaminmadden) on

    Clearly, he's no stranger to tattoos, so this one doesn't stand out all alone. Do you think it's a sweet, romantic gesture or...not so much?

    Do any of you have loves who have committed your name (or initials or a special date) with permanent ink?

    PS: In case you missed news about the wedding, Kim has you covered, reporting on creepy helicopter pics and all.

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    In the last week, Lady Gaga's convinced me that a heart-shaped diamond is surprisingly chic and made me jealous my engagement ring doesn't include these cool initials (gah, Gaga!). Now she's sharing her engagement story, and it's sweet and endearingly normal-girl, something I appreciate in the age of celebs getting down on one knee in rented-out baseball stadiums with full orchestras and fireworks.


    "First he gave me a Ring Pop. That was kind of amazing and I was crying, I was so excited," she told Access Hollywood on the Oscar red carpet. "I said yes! right away, and then he pulled out the heart-shaped diamond. [But] first it was candy. I was happy with the candy. When you're in love and have love, it makes everything better."

    Ahh! Candy and diamonds sounds like a pretty fantastic combo, no?

    Did your engagement story lean more toward the simple or the super-planned-out side of the spectrum?

    Mine was the former: He asked while we were walking home with takeout and our dog. There were no theatrics, but it felt just right for us.

    0 0

    The majority of brides seem to think they have to wear heels but...why? Unless you're wearing a shorter dress, your shoes will mostly be invisible (full disclosure: I was a ballet-flats-wearing bride because I like to dance way too much to have anything get in the way). If you're on the fence, let me try to sway you.

    A photo posted by BHLDN Weddings (@bhldn) on

    Reason #1: You do not want to be grumpy because your feet hurt. Your wedding day is stressful and busy enough (and you'll likely be hungry—there's never enough time to eat!) Don't also get upset because your feet are aching.

    Reason #2: You run a lower risk of tripping. Missteps and clumsy twists can happen anywhere, but, statistically, there's gotta be a lower risk of falling if you're wearing a stable pair of flats.

    Reason #3: You won't have any barefoot photos from the reception. I've kicked off my shoes at many a party without a thought, but I knew I'd be just the tiniest bit disappointed if, years later, I saw myself barefoot in my photos.

    Reason #4: You'll have the best height ratio. Since high school my girl friends have talked about the perfect him-to-her height ratio (I think we've landed on somewhere around five inches of difference). It's tough to find a pair of heels under three these days, and with most of my favorites on, I'm nearly as tall as my guy. Totally fine normally, but on my wedding day I wanted to feel smaller than him.

    Reason #5: It's different. Nude pumps and sparkly sandals are classic bridal shoes, and if that's what you're drawn to, fantastic. For me, I wanted something that was just a little unique and not too run-of-the-mill.

    Reason #6: They're easy to wear again. You might think you'll wear those bedazzled stilettos again, but I promise, it's going to be trickier to find the right situation than you think. A pair of satin flats on the other hand? Um, you could wear them every single day.

    Reason #7: You're not risking a dress disaster. If you're ready to start your fittings but haven't found the shoe yet, you're playing with fire. If you get the dress hemmed to accommodate a certain heel height and the pair you find is different...oops. With flats, any difference is so minimal that it doesn't matter if you have them during your fittings or not

    What sort of shoes did/will you wear to your wedding? Any other flats girls out there?

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    If you're not watching Vanderpump Rules but love reality TV, you should—it's good! I could go into a long defensive argument about how crazy realistic the relationships on it are, but instead I have a bone to pick about something that felt so crazy nonaccurate.

    There's a scene in part one of Scheana's wedding (before the face punching and let's-all-clean-up group work) where Lisa Vanderpump comments on how lovely the wedding is and how impressed she is that Scheana pulled it off on a waitress salary. It IS a beautiful wedding and you do see some wheedling and bargain making, but my mind instantly flashed back to a clip of Scheana saying, and I'm paraphrasing, "Well, our budget was $30,000 and now we're at triple that."

    OK. Thirty thousand isn't outrageous, but it's hardly an impressively low number that requires applause for its budget-friendliness. And I'll do the math for you: 30 x 3 is 90, as in $90,000! That is A LOT to me. There's chatter on the show about how Scheana had a legal matter settled regarding an accident and the extra income paid her wedding bills, which is awesome in a silver-lining kind of way, but that effectively means that, no, her wedding wasn't done on a waitress salary.

    Did anyone else catch that moment during the episode? Did it kind of get your blood boiling just a little bit too?

    I'm not knocking Scheana, whom I really like in a reality-TV-watcher kind of way, but as someone who had to work hard to stay within some financial perimeters when planning my own nuptials, it frustrated me.

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    I have a major girl crush on Gisele Bundchen, and frankly it just gets bigger and bigger every time something new about the supermodel comes out. Now we've got a wedding #TBT flashback to her ceremony with Tom Brady, and I'm nearly dying of envy mixed with tenderness (I know, it's an odd combo).

    Le sigh. The sweet position, the formfitting sequined dress, the loose's all so lovely. If you need another to torment yourself with, come see this beauty.

    These two might be my favorite couple—what about you?

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    Have you been dreaming of a cake topper that looks a lot like you and your guy? Like, exactly? Good news ahead, lady! A company named Doob has mined the success of using 3-D printing technologies for medical purposes to create an easy way to make mini-me figures for regular folk. You can get yours printed in sizes that range up to 14 inches, but the tiniest, at just 4 inches, is perfectly cake-ready.

    I got to experience the entire thing this winter, and it was awesome (and crazy simple). You stand in the center of a circular room with cameras mounted everywhere and they all snap photos simultaneously, making sure each part of your bod is photographed, a must for building a life-like figurine. The entire thing took less than 10 seconds too, a surprise since I'd assumed I'd be patiently standing for a while as all the necessary angles were taken. After, you receive your mini-me in the mail a few weeks later.

    A photo posted by Leah Melby Clinton (@lmcshops) on

    A photo posted by Leah Melby Clinton (@lmcshops) on

    (Me getting Doob'ed and then hanging with my mini version.)

    The only con is that you've gotta do it in person (duh), so if you don't live near the brand's locations in New York City or Los Angeles, you're currently out of luck. The pros? More centers are planned for the future, and you can include your pet in the photo! I know that him-and-her-and-dog cake toppers aren't totally normal in the wedding world, but hello, it'd be the best ever. The 4-inch size will set you back $95 and you can get more info here.


    Did anyone do something untraditional for their cake? Thinking about it if you're still planning?

    I went with some mini bunting I found on Etsy and loved it (but we didn't have a cake, just a little pumpkin pie).

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