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    On the day of our "real brides in wedding dresses" photo shoot, I started to get nervous for Katie, our third real bride. Bride 1 and Bride 2 set the "pretty" bar super-high, but thankfully Katie has sparkle to spare.

    Wedding Dress 1

    Watters Erin Gown Ivory hand-placed Chantilly lace, Queen Anne neckline with short sleeves. Available in sizes 0-24. Watters Accessories by Thomas Knoell Panache Headpiece Antique rhodium finished a mixture of clear crystal and silver shade crystals and double-faced satin ribbon.

    Wedding Dress 2

    Watters Soledad Gown (Style 3092B) Whisper pink silk organza V-neckline with beading and silk taffeta design details on full skirt. Available in sizes 0-24.

    Wedding Dress 3

    Watters Sonia Gown (Style 3042B) Ivory Alencon-lace illusion crew neck with keyhole back, tonal embroidery, and hand-beading detail. Available in sizes 0-24.


    Here's Katie with Vatana Watters, the president and founder of Watters.

    Which of these wedding dresses do you like best on Katie? Would you wear any of them?

    Photos: Jenna Andrews, rockstar. Hair & Makeup: Flora Kay.

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    I absolutely believe in expressing yourself at your wedding. Personal touches are important—they make a special day all the more special. But this? I'm not so sure. Take a look and tell me what you think (warning: NSFW language!):

    Yes, the bride is dancing—and, you know, gyratingdown the aisle to a rendition of Buckcherry's "Crazy Bitch." And she seems to be really enjoying herself, so cheers to that! But take a look at some of the guests—especially the dad in the front, trying to shield his son's ears from lyrics such as: "But you [f-word] so good I'm on top of it." He clearly wasn't expecting to hear that at a wedding on a beautiful afternoon.

    Again, yay for self-expression: Do your thing! It's your big day! And, who knows, maybe there's a funny story behind "Crazy Bitch"—like, that's what the couple first danced to? But, in my humble opinion, your guests deserve respect and consideration—or at least some forewarning that some of the proceedings may be rated R. I mean, they're there to celebrate you. That obviously doesn't mean every note has to be Bach or Beethoven, but I generally think that gathering together the people you love and pelting them with curse words might not be the most conscientious of ideas. Although—at least for "Crazy Bitch"'s friends and family—it's certainly a memorable one.

    But that's just my two cents. What do you think?

    More on wedding music:
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    * The corniest songs for a first dance
    * Wedding things you think guests don't care about (but some do)

    Photo: Thinkstock; Video: YouTube

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    Bride-to-be Chrissy Teigen is marrying the apparently usually-naked-and-in-the-shower John Legend (it's a super-hilarious Funny or Die video—don't worry, everything is blurred out! Or maybe I should say, too bad everything is blurred out...heh!) in September at Lake Como, so she's been busy with some final details like having her Vera Wang dress fitted...and teaming up with Beach Bunny Swimwear to create a line of bridal bikinis. She also modeled the suits herself and made a video to show them off. (Side note: Multitaskers make me feel so lazy!)

    But anyway! "I want to wear a bathing suit for my husband that makes me feel sexy. I know other women feel the same way, so I was inspired to design a line," Teigen says. "While the swimwear had to be eye-popping as well as functional for honeymoon travel, it also needed to stand apart from other styles on the beach."

    Here are Chrissy's designs, in a collection of four white (naturally!) bikinis that feature Chantilly lace and Swarovski crystals; one them has silver and crystal ring details on both the top and bottom. The suits debut in September.

    Put a Ring On It, $260:

    All Eyes on Me, $248:

    No Other Love, $188:

    All of Me, $330:

    OK, besides the fact that these photos make you realize how much you'd like to be at the beach right this second, what do you think of Chrissy's bridal swim designs? Would you wear one?

    More on weddingwear:
    * Gorgeous gowns on a gorgeous real bride
    * What to do if you (yikes!) bought the wrong wedding dress
    * Sweet, Kim-approved veils

    Photos: Yu Tsai/Beach Bunny Swimwear

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    As you know, Kelly Clarksoncalled off her wedding earlier this week—I mean, she didn't call it off so much as she said, "Nope! We're eloping!" so there's no wah-wah ending to the story. But still—sometimes, people do decide they're not the perfect match (see: the recent story of Leonard Lauder, son of Estee), and they decide to say "I don't," instead.


    Obviously, no one wants to go through this. I mean, ugh. But if you both know that getting married would be a bigger mistake than not getting married—well, it's important to recognize that.

    But, like everything wedding-related, there are logistics involved! Who to call, what to do, what's the etiquette? The Stir broke them down:

    You have to let everyone on the guest list know. Seriously—everyone. You might feel awkward, embarrassed, sad, furious, and overall just want to disappear. Unfortunately, you can't. While you might want to say that the wedding is simply postponed—in order to avoid questioning—if you know that it's actually off, just say it. You can keep it vague. But if you let your family and friends dangle, they might keep buying gifts and planning things for you. The good news: You can absolutely enlist a good friend to the notifying for you.

    ...and don't postpone the news. It would be so easy to put it off. Denial, all that stuff. But remember that people have very real plans surrounding your wedding, so do your best to keep them from spending money on nonrefundable airplane tickets as soon as you can.

    You can't keep the gifts. The toasters, the place settings, the cash...they've got to go back to the people who bought them for you.

    Negotiate the ring. There are actual laws about wedding rings—they vary by state. Some laws state that whomever receives the ring can consider it a gift, and it's hers (his) to keep. But others say that you have to give it back. Hopefully, this is something the two of you can discuss and feel OK about—whatever the solution.

    If you're the one who calls it off, you should pay for everything. Honestly, I think this is debatable. According to The Stir, if one person wanted to get married, and the other did not, the person who did want to walk down the aisle shouldn't be stuck with the bill. Which I get. But there are also situations where it's not just one person who bails out; it's both. Be as fair as you can.

    Don't throw a "pre-wedding divorce party" on the onetime wedding day and keep all of the gifts. Well, yeah.

    Obviously, I hope this happens to no one. But is there anything you'd add to the list of "I don't" to-dos?

    Photo: Thinkstock

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    When you look back at your wedding, you remember lots of things: the gorgeous sunset; the look on your guy's face when he saw you in your gown for the first time; who was there. And...who gave you what?


    The New York Times talked to a woman who got married in 1994—and who still remembers the guests that neglected to give the newlyweds gifts.

    Says Lisa Kaas Boye (an environmental lawyer who's now 48 and the mom of two): "One of our groomsmen, a childhood best friend who was already quite famous back then, forgot to gift. So did a studio head. So did one of my favorite directors. I cherish every wedding vase, every serving utensil, every time I use them, recalling the gifter and the best night of my life. Then again, while I’m filling up a wedding vase with flowers from my yard, sometimes I wonder, How could those miserly moguls have forgotten us?"

    And—according to the NYT—Boye isn't the only one. Jodi R.R. Smith, an etiquette expert, says: "You could talk to a 98-year-old woman and she won’t be able to tell you what song she danced to at her wedding, but she can tell you who didn’t give her a gift." In fact, Smith says that between 7 percent and 10 percent of guests fail to give the new couple a gift.

    OK, so is that insulting? Uh, it can be! Usually, the lack of gift-giving is an oversight, or just due to forgetfulness. Still—as a bride, when you have spent months planning and hundreds of dollars per guest so that everyone has a tasty meal, cocktails, and an overall blast—not even getting a small token of appreciation can feel like a slap. Of course, some guests opt not to give because they can't. Or maybe you've asked for charitable contributions in lieu of physical presents, and some guests think that means gift-giving know, optional.

    And what do you do with guests who didn't send a gift—or at least a token? Should you confront them? Smith says...yes. But in a delicate way: "I was writing my thank-you notes and realized that I hadn't written one for you." The guest will probably either say, "But I sent you that silver platter set on your list"—could totally be legit; stores can screw up!—or get that look (you know the one) someone gets when they've been caught. In which case, Smith suggests just moving on to a new topic and seeing if a gift card shows up in the next few weeks.

    Meanwhile, Peggy Post of the Emily Post Institute says to take the high road...and just let the matter drop.

    But what's your take on the etiquette on this? Would you be offended if a guest never gave you a gift—or acknowledged your wedding in any way (besides attending)? And what would you do?

    Photo: Thinkstock

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    Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards landed an ultra-lovely engagement ring when she said yes to a proposal from One Direction's Zayn Malik. Here's a pic, if you missed it last week:


    It looks to me like a classic three-stone ring set in a scrolled or milgrain band. I'd guess the center stone is around a carat and a half (possibly smaller), and the side stones are maybe three-quarters of a carat each? Pretty low-key for a celeb, which makes me like it even more.

    Here are my "inspired by" picks, if you're in the market for something similar:

    Engagement Ring 1

    Vera Wang Love Collection Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring from Zales, $4,499.99.

    Engagement Ring 2

    White Gold Adorned Trio Diamond Engagement Ring from Brilliant Earth, $1,275 (setting only).

    Engagement Ring 3

    Per Lei Single-Shank Diamond Engagement Ring from Danhov, from $5,880.

    Engagement Ring 4

    White Sapphire Engagement Ring from Etsy seller CaiSanni, $699.78.

    Engagement Ring 5

    Three-Stone Milgrain Halo Diamond Engagement Ring from Blue Nile, $1,475 (setting only).

    Thoughts on the engagement ring One Direction's Zayn Malik picked for Perrie Edwards? Which of these engagement rings is your favorite?

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    We all may be handy enough with our phone filters and Instagram snaps, but managing to get really beautiful wedding photos of our favorite soon-to-be-newlyweds? Not so easy!


    But lots of couples turn to friends or family for help in photographing their weddings—it can cut costs and also provide a pretty cool way to include other people in the day. Pro photographer Sara Kauss shared these DIY tips with Digital Trends—and, hey, they actually seem pretty doable!

    1: Anticipate emotions. It's a wedding, so there will be plenty of feels. But Kauss says that you can kind of tell when something special is going to happen, so be aware and ready.

    2: Use the surroundings. Frame your shots using the venue's natural resources—leafy trees, old windows, cacti, ponds, pretty birds. After all, says Kauss, the couple chose the venue for a specific reason: It means something to them.

    3: Simple is good! You don't need to invest thousands of dollars on high-tech shooting systems; actually, Kauss says you might not even need a tripod to get great shots. Also, remember that if you're shooting a destination wedding, some countries have restrictions on how much equipment you're allowed to bring in without requiring a work visa, so be sure to look into that well in advance.

    So have you ever shot someone else's wedding—or did you have a friend shoot yours? What sorts of tips would you include?

    More on wedding pics:
    * 4 reasons to have your guests leave their phones at home
    * Check out this epic Star Wars wedding!
    * How to save money on wedding photography

    Photo: Thinkstock

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    OK, according to Reddit, the bride's shoe has been stolen and, in order to get it back, the groom has to perform various stunts to get it back. In this case, it's an amazing dance-off.

    Now, I can't 100 percent confirm this—I know approximately one word in Russian, and it is for "belly button," which I am pretty confident is not said in this video—but Livescience reports that holding a bride for ransom from her husband-to-be until he does a bunch of silly things is definitely a tradition in Russia.

    Anyway! Take a look at this—the guy definitely goes above and beyond!

    What do you think? Ooh, and does anyone with Russian knowledge want to weigh in here?

    Photo: Thinkstock; Video: YouTube

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    Approximately zero people will be surprised that The Wedding Planner is one of my favorite movies.

    Wedding planning is hard work. Anyone who tells you otherwise probably either eloped, had less than 20 wedding guests, or hasn't planned a wedding. Sure, there are all the fun Pinterest boards and the picking of wedding colors, but there's also managing a substantial budget on a limited timeframe and negotiating contracts with people who maybe don't have your best interests in mind. Not sure if you're cut out for the job? Here are three signs you should seek some outside help.

    1) You Have a High-Pressure Full-Time Job
    If you're totally burned out after your 9 to 5, you're not going to have the energy to get on the phone with your photographer or review your florist's inspiration pics. And you're only going to get more stressed as your wedding date approaches.

    2) You Don't Want to Read the Fine Print
    Every wedding vendor you hire is going to hand you a dozen pages of fine print. Unless you really dig reading legal copy, you're probably going to skim it and sign on the dotted line, which is a bad idea on SO many levels. You don't want to find out on your wedding day that you OK'd the caterer to swap frozen fish sticks for fresh filet of cod, after all.

    3) You Need a Mediator
    Your father-in-law is INSISTING on round tables at the reception while you mom won't accept anything less than three Bible readings for the ceremony. If you don't feel like fighting petty battles, it's helpful to have an expert who can step in on your behalf.

    Would you hire a wedding planner? Did you skip the wedding planner but wish you had one as the day drew closer?

    We didn't hire one, but only because my mom is the most Type A person on the planet. There's no chance we could have pulled off a wedding 100 miles away without her in charge of all the boring stuff.

    Photo: Getty Images

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    Moving on from Miss Cyrus {Let it go, people! }, can we spend the afternoon talking about something a little sparkly? Say, these gorgeous engagement rings, which belong to five lucky Save the Date readers.

    Engagement Ring 1

    Emma's boyfriend proposed at a park in April. "After I cried my eyes out, he took me to a restaurant where our family and close friends were waiting," she says. So sweet!

    Engagement Ring 2

    This pretty ring belongs to a reader named Kriti.

    Engagement Ring 3

    Christy picked her center stone and let her guy decide the rest of her ring's design. "He did an amazing job," she says.

    Engagement Ring 4

    Britney's boyfriend proposed at a B&B in Brooklyn with this striking ring, which belonged to his great-grandmother.

    Engagement Ring 5

    Madeline's boyfriend proposed at sunset on a scenic overlook in Arizona, where their relationship began.

    Which of these engagement rings is your favorite?

    If you'd like to share a photo of your ring on Save the Date, you can click here to submit it with the contact form. Or you can email a photo to glamour[dot]weddings[dot]girls[at]gmail[dot]com. I try to run reader engagement ring posts often, so take your time and send a biggish, nonblurry photo! (Please DON'T send an Instagram photo or add text or special effects!) And if you've already sent a pic, sit tight—it's coming!

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    While there are lots of best men who certainly deserve those titles, there are some best men who would rather do anything else than give a speech on the big day. And who can blame them? That's a lot of pressure, right there!

    Here's how one best man dealt with his aversion to public speaking—he made this very sweet animated video:

    marissa & trevr from Ken Curry on Vimeo.

    I love that he put this whole thing together for his about-to-be-married friend in a way that was more personal, special, and—yes—comfortable for him.

    Cute, isn't it? What if the best man did this for your wedding?

    More about wedding speeches:
    * The dos and don'ts of wedding speeches
    * A super-surprising wedding toast
    * How to give the best maid of honor speech ever

    Video: Ken Curry/Vimeo

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    When we got married, I think I was a pretty chill planner. Well, except for one thing: I wanted a waffle bar. A big one.


    See, ours was a brunch wedding, and I was really super-duper craving waffles (OK, I was pregnant, which makes the craving make a bit more sense)—but I also kind of loved the idea of giving guests the chance to get hands-on (beyond the usual stuff). And it worked out perfectly.

    Naturally, not everyone wants waffles at her wedding. The Daily Meal has a fab roundup of some other ways for guests to get DIY with food. These are some of my favorite ideas—what do you think?

    Hot chocolate bar. OK, maybe not idea for a hot-as-heck day like today, but for a winter wedding—how cool! Get some big containers that'll keep the drinks hot, and fill them with different hot chocolate flavors. Set out lots of fixin's: sprinkles, whipped cream, chocolate shavings, marshmallows.

    Grilled cheese bar. Uh, hello, melty-sandwich brilliance. Provide a bunch of yummy bread choices and lots (and lots) of cheese: Cheddar, mozzarella, provolone. Mix-ins are a good idea too (who can say "no" to a grilled cheese with tomato?) and set up plug-in panini presses.

    S'mores bar. So easy: graham crackers, chocolate bars, plus marshmallows and a way to toast them (maybe even an actual small and contained campfire, if yours is an outdoor wedding).

    Candy apple bar. True, the "goo" factor in this one is high. But imagine the fun of taking caramelly apples and dipping them in whatever sprinkles and other toppings you want?

    Crostini (or bruschetta) bar. Start with a big pile of toasted baguette squares, then let guests top with the ingredients of their choice: chopped basil with tomatoes, cream cheese, marinated artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, and goat cheese. You could even put out stuff like ricotta, honey, and strawberries for the lovers of sweets.

    Would you do a DIY food station? What kind? (And will you invite me, because I'm totally hungry now?)

    More wedding food ideas:
    * Finger foods every guest will want
    * 10 wedding cake alternatives
    * 5 ways to save money on wedding food

    Photo: Thinkstock

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    It looks like a wedding might be in the works for American Idol winner Jordin Sparks and singer Jason Derulo. The two appeared side by side on the red carpet at Sunday's VMAs, and Jordin had something awfully sparkly on THAT finger. Here's a better look at the maybe-engagement ring.


    And here's Jordin (and the ring) from another angle.



    The couple played coy when Jordin was asked about the "big rock" on her finger; Jason kept plugging his forthcoming album and new single, which is called



    wait for it



    "Marry Me."

    So, yeah. Maybe it's all just a clever marketing scheme? Or maybe Jordin and Jason are actually engaged?

    Do you think Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo are engaged? Or are they just creating buzz for "Marry Me"?

    Photos: Getty Images

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    Ooh, guys. Photo booths at receptions are completely fun—I can't even count how many strips I've saved from weddings and still love to look at—but check out this new take via video production company Super Frog Saves Tokyo, which shot this using a RED Epic camera:

    Quang + Ellie: Slow Motion Booth from Super Frog Saves Tokyo on Vimeo.

    It's a wedding guest trifecta: fun, hilarious, and memorable. Plus, I think it tells a certain kind of story about Quang and Ellie, the newlyweds, as well as their big day and their friends and families—and in a totally different way than a usual photo booth or videography session might.

    But what do you think? Would you have something like this at your wedding?

    More reception ideas:
    * DIY (and delish) food stations
    * Ideas for a nautical wedding
    * Cheerful, colorful pops for a reception

    Photo/Video: Super Frog Saves Tokyo/Vimeo

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    This tip is courtesy of a bride-to-be friend who also happens to be very organized and a lot smarter than I was during those hectic days of planning.

    She created a separate email address solely for wedding-related stuff.


    So simple! So easy! This way, she explains, she can streamline the messages coming in from caterers, flower boutiques, the venue, musicians, and even her mother-in-law-to-be who is, uh, very into being involved, let's just say. If you think of how many emails you get during the course of an ordinary day—work, friends, family—and then add in the myriad you receive during wedding planning, it makes total sense to keep them as separate as you can.

    Plus—and this is such a big plus—when the wedding is over, all spammy messages from the random wedding businesses that got your original address during planning won't go to your everyday inbox. (Because please believe those keep coming for a long time.)

    Are you as impressed as I am by this brilliance? Or maybe you've already done it (or something similar?)—in which case, you are brilliant.

    More wedding planning tips:
    * 10 things every bride has to know about wedding planning
    * Solid reasons why you should definitely hire a wedding planner
    * What a wedding reception timetable should look like

    Photo: Thinkstock

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    In need of a lil' makeup inspiration for an upcoming wedding? Well, look no further than Amanda Seyfried, who's been killing it with her makeup on the red carpet this season. Here are three looks to suit different styles/moods; which one are you totally pinning?

    1. Dark red lips—they're even more amazing when paired with a sapphire blue dress.


    2. Glistening smoky eyes—everyone around you will swoon!



    3. Pale eyeshadow and classic cherry-red lips—they're timelessly glam and play up a flawless complexion.


    Photos: Getty Images

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    So much good news to share! First of all, my absolute FAVORITE maternity dress, the Dinner Party Dress from Hatch, is currently half off. At $149 it costs about the same (or less, even) than the average bridesmaid dress, and I promise that bridesmaids with baby bumps will wear this dress again. (And again and again and again!)


    The Dinner Party Dress, $149.

    It comes in only two sizes, Petite and One Size, so you're pretty much guaranteed a nice fit. And depending on the color you pick and her accessories, she could wear it to your wedding or the office or an end-of-summer barbecue. It's also great for AFTER baby, which brings me to some more happy news:


    Outfit courtesy of Petra, who was responsible for Clara's preemie wardrobe.

    Ladies, meet Clara Rose, weighing in at a shrimpy 5 pounds, 4 ounces as of today, but a total heavyweight in the cute department.

    My water broke waaaaay back on August 5, and I was on hospital bed rest for nine days before she made her grand entrance, hence all the spotty posting for the past month-ish. Clara was chilling in the NICU for a couple of weeks thanks to her early arrival (almost seven weeks early!), but she joined us at home yesterday, and we're all doing great.

    I'm going to keep up a light posting schedule over the next few weeks, assuming everything keeps going smoothly on my end. (Newborns sleep a LOT!) And Lexi, our superstar blogger from Vitamin G, will be here to lend a hand and make sure you guys get your fill of wedding-y fun.

    So that's what's new with me! Thoughts on this bridesmaid dress? When do I start picking Clara's wedding dress?

    I'm thinking a sheath. Heavily beaded. Unless she's too busy kicking butt to get married. That's fine too!

    0 0 one wants to be that guest at a wedding. You know: the one who hovers near the open bar, demands Jager shots when everyone else is drinking Perrier, ends up snoring underneath a table. Or worse! (I guarantee you guys know at least one someone-drunk-at-a-wedding story.)


    So here's how to appreciate the open bar without abusing it.

    Make friends with the bartender. Well, you don't have to be besties by night's end, but remember that the bartender is slammed. Give simple orders, nothing too unusual; when she's not busy, then you can feel free to ask what cocktails she might recommend. And remember to tip—hey, you're getting lots of free liquor! Tipping is essential.

    But also order appropriate cocktails. Depending on the tone of the wedding, now is probably not be the time to be doing Jell-O shots. If everyone else is sipping wine at the start of the reception, that's probably a smart thing to do too. Walking around with an, ahem, BJ shot might not give off the impression that you'd like it to—and you might feel a buzz you're not really wanting to have just yet.

    Order something on the rocks.As the ice melts, your drink is diluted, and you end up sipping more slowly. That can be a good thing, because the faster you drink, the more time the toxins in alcohol spend floating around your body...which means you may feel worse in the A.M.

    Drink water. Yes, you know this, but really do it. Drink at least one eight-ounce glass of plain water for every cocktail you drink. Make that your rule (along with not drinking and driving, of course!). It will help you stay hydrated and more clear-headed and also keep tomorrow's morning awful hangover at bay.

    OK, let's hear the stories...what have you seen go awry at an open bar? And how do you, yourself, handle what you order?

    Photo: Thinkstock

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    There's something so gorgeously, uh, jellyfishian about this floating wedding pavilion. Watch:

    Floatastic pavilion by Qastic from Dezeen on Vimeo.

    Dezeen featured this super-cool structure—called "Floatastic," which makes sense!—by Qastic, which is essentially a roof filled with helium, held to the ground with floaty veils. Basically, there's one big, white, horizontal balloon in the middle, and the veils are supposed to let it sway to and fro—so there's actually no weight on the ground at all.

    And for any bride worried that the thing could take off in a stiff breeze (it would totally be my luck), Qastic says: "Since the surrounding environment and microclimate fluctuate in every 24-hour cycle, our studies found that the floating pavilion will experience many buoyant conditions which are unique but steady."

    Unique, for sure—and hypnotizing! I may now, in fact, be hypnotized. But in a good way.

    Hey, it's a new idea, right? Would you consider something like this for your wedding?

    Photo: Thinkstock; Video: Dezeen/Vimeo

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    There's nothing better than a tight relationship between a bride-to-be and her mother. But is it appropriate for the mother-of-the-bride to double as maid of honor? Brides' wedding etiquette experts answer.


    Can my mom be my maid of honor?

    Of course she can. Just be aware that as the official hostess of your wedding, Mom may be too busy to handle all of the maid of honor duties. Appoint a bridesmaid to take charge of some of the traditional tasks, like organizing the bachelorette party—a job that your mother probably wouldn't mind delegating anyway.

    —Written by Brides

    Would you consider having your mom as maid of honor?

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    Photo: Alamy

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